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Wednesday, 26 July 2017 08:51
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Misc. Multi-Fandom Fiction Recs: (Harry Potter, Veronica Mars, Bleach, Avatar, Ouran, Moonlight, Iron Man, Haven, Merlin, Supernatural, Glee, Star Trek, V, Doctor Who, Fringe, Sherlock Holmes, Flashforward, Dollhouse, Being Human, Misc., Crossovers)

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My FIC RECS - sans Inuyasha and Heroes )
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My [ profile] help_japan gifts are complete!

*happy dance*

I'm really happy on how it turned out. I hope the bidder likes it. :)

Fandom: Being Human (BBC series)
Title: Friendship
Artist: quirkyslayer aka [ profile] paynesgrey
Media: Adobe Illustrator CS5
Notes: For [ profile] nicole_anell for [ profile] help_japan.
URLS: Deviantart | Paper Demon

Being Human - Friendship
by ~quirkyslayer on deviantART

Bigger piece )

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