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EDIT: Also, I found an awesome 2 Broke Girls/Avengers ongoing crossover series. TV was good tonight.

The world is just a little more awesome today.
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If the Jane x Loki community can exist so can this one:

[ profile] trickstertaser.

Please start posting stuff right away. I don't want it to be too lonely.

EDIT: So apparently right after I started this community, someone else started a Darcy/Loki community too. LOL.

[ profile] darcy_loki

I just keep striking out in the Thor fandom, don't I?
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I know there a lot of fanmixes going around, but I wanted to post this because this is the music I've found for Loki/Darcy from Thor that has become particularly inspiring to me, especially when I write them. It's such a ...strange ship that I find it attracts very diverse music.


The mix with lyric snippets and the download )
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