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Misc. Multi-Fandom Fiction Recs: (Harry Potter, Veronica Mars, Bleach, Avatar, Ouran, Moonlight, Iron Man, Haven, Merlin, Supernatural, Glee, Star Trek, V, Doctor Who, Fringe, Sherlock Holmes, Flashforward, Dollhouse, Being Human, Misc., Crossovers)

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Avengers (movie-verse - Thor, Iron Man, Captain America)

* Of Ninjas and High Heels by [ profile] ithildyn, [Tony x Pepper] Rated PG-13, One-shot.
Summary: Tony and Pepper discuss the talents of ninjas. Well, sort of.

* Irreparable" by [ profile] svilleficrecs, [Tony x Pepper] Rated NC-17. One-shot.
Summary: He can do this. He can fix this. He can make this work.

* A Distant Sort of Connection by [ profile] elsi_dissapear [Pepper Potts] Rated G. One-shot.
Summary: She needs to ground herself when she's around him, maintain a sense of stability so she doesn't fly off, lose herself to the comforting sound of his voice. The way he calls her name with a quick quirk of his lips. This is the life of Pepper Potts.

* I'll Be Yours by [ profile] sarkywoman, [Thor x Loki] One-shot. Rated R.
Summary: Full prompt can be found at the top of the fic, but basically a look at the developing relationship between Loki and Thor, with the conflict between rivalry and attraction and Loki's insecurities.

* Salt on Your Lips by [ profile] mekosuchinae, [Thor x Jane] Rated R. One-shot.
Summary: The strawberry daiquiri is indeed a drink worthy of adulation, but Thor prefers the taste of Jane Foster.

* so he won't break by [ profile] hariboo_smirks, [Darcy, Loki] Oneshot. Rated G.
Darcy thinks Loki needs a friend, that you know, isn’t still super angry at him.

* unexpected every time by [ profile] hariboo_smirks, [Loki x Sif, Darcy] Rated PG-13. Oneshot.
Five times Darcy catches Sif and Loki in flagrante. Post film, future fic.

* A Rose By Any Other by [ profile] demonqueen666, [Darcy, ensemble, implied Darcy x Loki] Rated PG.
Summary: Darcy takes on a second name, but it's only an Asgardian formality. She doesn't think anything will come of it.

* Sigyn (binding is not punishment) by Aria, [Loki x Darcy] Rated T.
Summary: Darcy thinks of the sharp curve of Loki's smile, of his long pale fingers and his eyes like chips of ice. Some things are much more amazing and important than photosynthesis and YouTube and the ability to eat a whole box of Pop Tarts.

* Ragnarok (release tips the balance) by Aria, [Loki x Darcy] Rated T.
Summary: Sequel to Sigyn. A long time ago, when they were locked away, Loki promised they would escape at the end of the world.

* They Say Fortune is a Wheel by LuvaGoodMrE, [Loki x Darcy] AU. Rated M. COMPLETE.
AU. Seriously, AU. Loki is a gentleman – well, most of the time. Darcy is a hot mess. Somehow, they make it work. A quasi-love story about scones, chemistry and pencil skirts. But mostly scones.

* A Week in the Life of Highly Respected SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson. by [ profile] boombangbing [Phil Coulson, ensemble] Rated PG-13. One-shot. Avengers movie-verse.
Summary: Seven increasingly chaotic days in the life of Phil Coulson.


* How You Taste On My Tongue by [ profile] hermonthis Azula/Zuko, Katara/Sokka. Incest. Rated R.

* We Need the Storm by [ profile] unactive, Azula/Zuko, Rated R. One-Shot.
Summary: It is not light that we need, but fire; ...We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake. - Fredrick Douglass

* Kindred Kings by [ profile] xlovelylightx, Bumi, Keui, Long Feng. Genfic. Rated G.
Summary: “I know he seemed like a good role model at first, but remember. Only fools idolise fools. And you don’t want to be a fool like him…” Little King Kuei learns a vital lesson about life from King Bumi.

* Physician, Heal Thyself by [ profile] ivy_chan, Katara, Katara/Aang. Rated T. Oneshot.
Summary: Katara overextends a metaphor and under-appreciates her own needs. Still, life goes on. Kind of Kataang

* Preoccupation by [ profile] may_flyer, [Mai x Zuko] Rated PG. One-shot.
Summary: Zuko had spent seventeen years of his life not thinking all that much about kissing girls.

* His And Her Redemption by [ profile] zankoku_angel, [Zuko x Mai] Rated PG. Ficlet.
Summary: Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Virtues.

Being Human UK

* Comfort by [ profile] heather11483 - [Annie, Mitchell] Rated G. Post-Series Canon. Ficlet.
Summary: Mitchell and Annie pass the morning. Vague spoilers for the end of the series.

* Echoes of Sense by [ profile] eruvandeaini - [Annie/Mitchell], Rated T, In-Progress. Canon.
Summary: Annie and Mitchell find more problems in their mutual attraction than just the obvious undead thing.


* Dreaming of Skies Elsewhere by SublimeParadigm, [Ichigo x Ishida] Rated NC-17.
Summary: Three years later, caught between dreams of death and the memory of a kiss, Ishida returns to rewrite his personal history. Ichigo, however, has ideas of his own.

* Figured You Out by Crazydiamond, [Ishida x Orihime] Rated R.
Summary: Sewing doesn't make you gay.

Doctor Who

* Choose Wisely by [ profile] shiinabambi, [Amy & Eleven] Rated T. One-shot.
Summary: Alternate ending to The Beast Below. What if Amy had been mistaken?

* Doctor's Orders by [ profile] wuhdemah, [Amy and Eleven] Rated G. One-shot.
Summary: The last thing Amy can remember before blacking out completely is the Doctor’s grip tightening protectively around her.

* Gifting by [ profile] saywheeeee, [Amy x Eleven] Rated G. Angst. One-shot.
Summary: The Doctor apologizes to Amy.

* only memories of this by [ profile] marcasite, [Eleven x Rose, Rose x TenII] Rated G. Ficlet.
Summary: Is that how it works for Time Lords? The older you get, the younger you appear?, 726 words

* Through and Through by [ profile] wuhdemah, [Eleven x Rose] Ficlet. Rated PG.
Summary: Her tears stained the edge of his bow tie, but that was alright because she was Rose Tyler, and her face still fit perfectly into the curve of his shoulder. Eleven, Rose.

* all the greats by [ profile] saywheeeee, [Amy x Eleven] Rated G. Ficlet.
Summary: The Doctor shows Amy his library.

* no eyes in this valley of dying stars by [ profile] marketchippie, [Amy x Eleven] Rated R. One-shot.
Summary: On the other side of the TARDIS, in a small room, bare and quiet and concealed, the Doctor dreams Amy Pond’s dreams.

* Deliberately Uncreative by [ profile] tierfal, [Eleven x Jeff] Rated R. One-shot.
Summary: Thousands of things have changed in Jeff's life because of what the Doctor has done -- but some things haven't yet.

* Swirling, Twirly, Blue-Thing Knobs by [ profile] toestastegood, [Eleven x Amy x Rory] Rated PG-13. One-shot.
Summary: While Amy sleeps, Rory watches the Doctor working on the TARDIS. He thinks he's starting to understand Amy's attraction to him.

* Maybe we forgot, are we awake or not? by [ profile] timetraveled, [Eleven x Amy] Rated PG-13. One-shot.
Summary: The Doctor took the TARDIS shrapnel and carefully wrapped it in the spotty red napkin, almost like it was a gift, a gift which by no means he'd asked for, and shoved it back into the inside pocket of his tweed jacket

* Do-Over by [ profile] seriousfic, [Amy x Eleven, Amy x Rory] Rated PG-13. One-shot.
Summary: If you love someone and they forget you, it's only polite to remind them. Just so long as you're remembering it right yourself.

* The Witnesses by [ profile] shiinabambi, [Amy x Rory] Rated T. Two-Shot.
Summary: They can say he existed because they were there, if only in dreams. / Major spoilers for Cold Blood. / Two-shot, complete.

* Into the Arms of an Imaginary Friend by [ profile] tardis_coral, [River, Eleven, Amy/Rory, Jack] rated PG. One-shot. Future!fic.
Summary: River: I was born in the arms of an imaginary friend.

* will you stay with me, will you be my love by [ profile] loneraven, [Eleven x River] Rated R. Oneshot.
Summary: Some times and places the Doctor and River Song did and didn't have sex.

* Minor Temporal Paradoxes by [ profile] calapine, [Eleven x River] Rated G. Oneshot.
Summary: The Doctor and River have a nice fireside chat and don't destroy the universe, well done them.

* (untitled - from a Cohen song) by [ profile] ms_prue, [Eleven x River] Rated M.
Notes: from the prompt - Base it on "I'm your man" By Leonard Cohen.

* The Space Race by nostalgia, [Eleven x River] Rated R. Series 5. One-shot.
Summary: Stuck on Earth with River Song, the Doctor has to cope with domesticity and marriage. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

* Symmetry by [ profile] janeturenne, [The Doctor x River] Rated PG. Oneshot.
Summary: The Doctor has always expected to lose River, but he never expects to find her.

* Geometry by [ profile] nekare, [Eleven x River, Amy x Rory] Rated PG-13. One-Shot. Series 6 spoilers.
Summary: There are four sides to the story. From four slightly insane people.

* Algolagnia (n.) by [ profile] leiascully, [River x Eleven] Rated R. One-shot. Series 6 spoilers.
Summary: "Like you said, you're all grown up. You can make your own decisions. Get ancient words that no one else can read tattooed permanently on your skin."

* The Weight of Us by [ profile] dollsome [Amy/Rory, River] Rated PG. Pre "Let's Kill Hitler" Series 6.
Summary: Amy Pond, and motherhood.

* Coming Home by [ profile] howlcastle, [Charley, Eight | rated G] After "Storm Warning" audio play.
Summary: Charley Pollard's first introduction to the TARDIS. Set straight after Storm Warning.

* Sweet Sixteenth or Close Enough by [ profile] lyricwrites, [Mels/Jeff, Rory] Rated PG. One-shot. Series 6.
Summary: Mels has a good time. Rory experiences the joys of time-scrambled fatherhood.

* And he took me to the river, where he slowly let me drown... by [ profile] arwen_elen, [Eleven x River, Clara] Not Rated. Dark.
Summary: She would deliver his end with an embrace...


* Crossed Stars by [ profile] seriousfic, [Echo x Sierra] Rated R. Oneshot. Season One.
Summary: Echo and Sierra are soulmates. They just can’t remember it.

* A Girl to Hold Onto by [ profile] sabaceanbabe, [Paul x Mellie] Rated PG. Ficlet.
Summary: He had friends once, before obsession and the phantom of the Dollhouse had taken over his life.

* But the Memory Remains by TaleWeaver, [Alpha, slight Alpha x Echo] Rated PG. Oneshot.
Summary: Alpha's memories agree with his instincts.

* The Magic Words by [ profile] demonqueen666, [Imprinted!Echo x Boyd], PG-13, Ficlet. Season One.
Summary: Dollhouse kink meme, prompt: "Imprinted Echo strip-teases for Boyd"

* Silent Fears Gripping Me by [ profile] apckrfan, [Echo x Boyd], rated NC-17. Season One. "Briar Rose" AU. ONESHOT.
SUMMARY: Echo tends to Boyd's injuries after his fight with Paul Ballard.

* With My Life by [ profile] turquoisetumult, [Echo, Boyd] Rated PG. Ficlet.
Summary: He had been born to protect. He always felt it inside him, the instinct pulsating with every heartbeat, ready to pounce at every sudden scream and quiet cry heard. --> Some character insight on Boyd with specific mention to the Boyd and Echo forest scene in episode 1x02.

* Fair Play by [ profile] yourcarcinogen, [Adelle x Dominic], Rated PG-13. Oneshot.
Summary: It is after midnight, and Laurence Dominic is more leaning than standing, pinned against Adelle DeWitt’s desk by the owner of that piece of furniture.


* Might Be Right by [ profile] misscam, [Lloyd x Olivia] Rated PG. One-shot.
Summary: In this world, the bacon might be rubbish, but fate and free will might still both be right.

* Waiting by [ profile] tari_silmarwen, [Keiko, Keiko x Bryce] Rated G. One-shot.
Summary: She would wait for him, as long as she needed to.


* I Picture You In the Sun by [ profile] arewewinning, [Olivia, John, Peter] Rated PG. Oneshot.
Summary: Sometimes she thinks of telling someone.

* Your Turn Tonight by [ profile] apckrfan, [Phillip x Olivia] Oneshot. Rated NC-17.
Summary: Phillip told Olivia she wasn't getting off that easy toward the end of the episode when discussing her emotional investment in her cases. This is what he had in mind.

* A Trusting Soul by [ profile] apckrfan, [Phillip, Olivia] Rated PG. Oneshot. Thru "Bound".
Summary: Phillip comes to terms in his own way about Olivia being abducted and treated so unfairly by Sanford Harris.

* Three in the Morning by [ profile] idjunkie, [Peter x Astrid] PG-13, ONESHOT.
Summary: Late night at the lab.

* Messenger by [ profile] chichuri, [Astrid, Peter] PG. Ficlet.
Summary: Someone had to tell the Bishops that Olivia was missing.

* Making This Cold Harbor Now Home (When We Arrive) by [ profile] piecesinplace, [Peter x Astrid] rated PG. ONESHOT.
Summary: Peter has spent most of his life looking for things he thought he needed.

* A 24-Hour Job by [ profile] piecesinplace, [Peter x Astrid friendship, UST] rated PG. ONESHOT.
Summary: Astrid always had things covered.

* Work Convention by [ profile] toestastegood, [Peter x Astrid] rated NC-17. ONESHOT.
Summary: Peter catches sight of another agent flirting with Astrid.

* Just Company by [ profile] tiptoe39, [Olivia x Sam] Rated PG-13. Oneshot.
Summary: Olivia and Sam spend some time in each other's company.

* Number Two by [ profile] sugangel7, [Alt!Olivia, Sam Weiss] One-shot. Rated PG-13.
Summary: Post-S2 finale. Alt!livia meets Sam Weiss.

* she goes the extra mile and burns the bridges in between by [ profile] mollivanders, [Peter/Astrid, Alt!Olivia/Alt!Charlie] Rated G. Season 2 finales spoilers.
Summary: It takes Astrid six weeks to realize they brought back the wrong Olivia.

* count your days like pocket change by [ profile] angeldylan628, [Olivia x Peter, Olivia x alt!Charlie, Peter x Astrid] after Season 2. One-shot. PG-13.
Summary: ten years. that's how long it takes to get the universes to align again.

* Repair by [ profile] dotfic, [Astrid, Walter, Olivia] Genfic. Rated PG. Season 2 "Coda".
Summary: Astrid will fix this herself. She needs to.


* so no one told you life was going to be this way by [ profile] hyacinthian, [Rachel x Finn], Oneshot. Rated PG-13.
Summary: This is all Quinn's fault. FinnRachel.

* Sweet Dreams that Carry You Close to Me by [ profile] beautiful_robot, [Rachel x Quinn] Oneshot, Rated G. Pre-Series.
Summary: Quinn's nightly routine. Set before the pilot.

* The honesty's too much by [ profile] the_girl_20, [Rachel x Quinn] One-shot. Rated PG-13.
Summary: "Walking in on me kissing Quinn probably counts as quite a shock."

* Five Times Someone Let Kurt Down... by [ profile] amor_remanet [Finn/Kurt] Rated NC-17, Complete.
Summary: Five times someone could've done something better (and once when things were just right).

* Perspire by [ profile] pada_something, [Puck x Emma] Rated PG-13. One-shot.
Summary: Emma Pillsbury is as patient as they come.

* The Complete Idiot's Guide to Baby Names by [ profile] audaciously, [Finn x Brittany] Rated PG. One-shot.
Summary: Finn and Brittany are partners for a biology project. Shenanigans ensue.

* The Bistro by [ profile] cruiscin_lan, [Rachel x Will] One-shot. Futurefic. Rated G.
Summary: As they try to move on from old relationships, Rachel and Will have an unexpected encounter.

* Through the Line by [ profile] ellydash, [Rachel x Will] One-Shot. Rated NC-17. Season 2. Warning: student/teacher relations.
Summary: Poor decision making is Will's specialty, especially after a few drinks. Tonight, Rachel's along for the ride.

* Cherry Chapstick by [ profile] seriousfic [Quinn/Rachel/Brittany/Santana] Rated R. Three Parts. Ongoing?
Summary: Come on, like you haven’t thought of writing a femslash fic where the girls perform ‘I Kissed A Girl’?

* the world's a show by [ profile] ever_obsessed, [Rachel x Quinn, Kurt x Finn] One-shot. PG-13.
Summary: Ten years and counting trying not to be friends with Rachel Berry.

* New World by [ profile] drawyouin, [Finn x Jesse] Rated PG. Canon Season 1.
Summary: They run into each other in a library, of all places.

* Confidence by [ profile] seaouryou, [Kurt x Blaine], Not Rated. In-Progress. Complete series AU.
Notes: Once upon a time, Chris Colfer auditioned for the role of Artie and Darren Criss auditioned for the role of Finn. And then this happened.

* got a motel and built a fort out of sheets by [ profile] commen_sense, [Kurt x Blaine, Hummel family] Season 1. One-shot. Rated PG-13.
Summar: Kurt and blaine build a fort. Everyone wants to join them.

* it's not weird to want to be best friends with your brother's boyfriend by [ profile] commen_sense, [Kurt x Blaine, Finn+Blaine] Rated PG-13. One-shot. Post-Season 2.
Summary: Finn really doesn’t understand why he’s so interested in Kurt’s love life. It’s honestly kind of perverted. Finn really likes Blaine and that's not a problem for Kurt until it kind of is and Finn gets a restraining order of sorts which is you know, really kind of sad.

* like late night burger ninja’s by [ profile] commen_sense, [finn+blaine BFFness, kurt/blaine, finn/rachel, kurt+rachel, rated R]
Summary: new york!fic- finn and blaine get tired of rachel and kurt’s healthy cooking and start sneaking out for late night burger man dates. rachel and kurt don’t notice--until they do.

Harry Potter

* Family Therapy by [ profile] lordhellbore, [Harry Potter x Petunia Dursley] Rated R.
Summary: Every evening after her family dies, Petunia cries herself to sleep. Every evening, Harry listens.

* Rowena's Quill by [ profile] kressel, [Luna Lovegood-centric, Original Characters] Rated PG. Genfic.
Summary: A delightful Luna Lovegood backstory.

* It Starts With a Spin by [ profile] maxine_chan, [Harry x Draco] Rated R.
Summary: It started with the spin of a bottle, and now Harry and Draco have gotten themselves so far into their own game there's almost no way out again. Except to keep playing.

* The Boy Who Died by [ profile] koalathebear, [Cedric x Hermione] Rated PG.
Summary: Cedric Diggory speculative fiction. AU.

* A Brief Encounter by [ profile] aqua_chuu, [Harry x Luna] Rated PG.
Summary: Introspective Harry/Luna Oneshot.

* Three the Hard Way by heronmy_weasley, [Hermione x Ron x Harry] Rated NC-17.
Summary: Bloody hell, it's the only way! The best way! The three of us ... Ron doesn't want to take no for an answer.

* Dancing When the Stars Go Blue by Ana Luthor, [Harry x Luna] Rated PG.
Summary: A dance. And a reason to smile.

* I Have Never Felt Your Fear by echo, [Ginny x Draco, Blaise x Luna] Rated NC-17.
Summary: Ginny learns a thing or two about what being a Slytherin can really be like through an unexpected source.

* Inner Monologue by [ profile] ever_obsessed, [Ginny x Gabrielle] Rated NC-17. One-shot. Not Canon.
Summary: Ginny blamed the damn Veela powers—or maybe it was the Bludgers to the head?

* One (admittedly complicated) Week by [ profile] ever_obsessed, [Ginny x Luna] Rated NC-17.
Summary: One week (and a few spare days) in the life Ginny Weasley.


* Fixed by [ profile] neotantrika, [Nathan x Audrey] One-shot. Rated NC-17. Spoilers for 1.08, "Ain't No Sunshine".
Summary: Nathan discovers that Audrey has cured his peculiar disability.

* i want a piece of you tonight by [ profile] missymeggins [Nathan x Audrey] One-shot. Season 2. Rated R. Spoilers for 2x11.
Summary: She promised to come back, and he believes her, but the waiting is hard.

Macintosh & PC

* Perfectly Compatible by [ profile] katsfic, [Mac x PC] Rated PG. Ficlet.
Summary: "Fall in love for all the right reasons!"


* from a lacerated sky by [ profile] vega_writes, Rated PG-13. Merlin-Genfic.
Summary: “So I understand,” Arthur says, “that Albion has need of me.”

* keep your kingly dignity and look away by [ profile] commen_sense, Arthur x Merlin, Canon, Season 3, Rated PG-13.
Summary: the five times Uther caught Merlin and Arthur goofing around and the one time they weren't

* Next Time, I Will Remember This And I Will Say 'No' by [ profile] paperclipbitch, Arthur/Merlin, Canon, Mature. Rated NC-17
Summary: “Arthur wants you to pretend to be him so that he doesn’t have to get married to Princess Helena?”

* Five times Gaius caught Merlin and Morgana doing something they shouldn't by [ profile] gnimaerd, [Morgana x Merlin], Rated PG-13. Oneshot.
Summary: Gaius watches the inevitable happen.

* What Was Morgana Doing All of Episode 2? by [ profile] fiiishy, [Morgana-centric, Arthur x Gwen implied] Season 2. Oneshot.
Summary: The exceedingly clever title says it all, I think. Morgana is left out, but that doesn't mean she's not still playing the game.

* Mirror, Mirror, Morgana by [ profile] misscam, [ensemble, implied Morgana/Merlin, Arthur/Gwen] Rated PG. Season 3. Oneshot.
Summary: There are these dreams Morgana have.

* To You, An Admirer by [ profile] sophielou21, [Merlin/Gwen, Arthur/Gwen, hints of Arthur/Merlin and Merlin/Morgana] Rated PG. In Progress.
Summary: Gwen is sending love letters – to the wrong person. Now it’s time for the aftermath.

* Five Firsts for Arthur and Gwen by [ profile] kepp0xy - [Arthur x Gwen], Rated PG-13. Oneshot.
Summary: Five Firsts for Arthur and Gwen

* This Earthly Fire by [ profile] fried_flamingo, Arthur/Morgana. Rated R. Oneshot.
Summary: In the autumn of her twentieth year, Morgana finds she can move objects with her mind.

* Furniture for the Court by [ profile] gnimaerd, Arthur/Morgana. Rated PG-13. Oneshot.
Summary: A little bit pre-series (though that doesn't really matter) Arthur is trying to gather himself for an important occasion and Morgana is... helping him. As per usual, an arguement ensues.

* Beltane by [ profile] gnimaerd, [Arthur x Morgana], Rated NC-17. Continuation.
Summary: Set at some point during season 1, before 1x12; Taking part in the celebration of Beltane has unforseen consequences for the crown prince and the king's ward.

* The Brush of Wildfire by [ profile] ed_84, [Morgana x Arthur], Rated NC-17. Oneshot.
Summary: She never plans to be here. Written for [ profile] herchampion's monthly fic challenge, #1: "Queen Morgana."

* Patterns by [ profile] zauberer_sirin, [Morgana x Uther] Rated R. Oneshot.
Summary: It starts with a fight, it always does.

* Tie Up My Hands by [ profile] cold_queen_5, Morgana/Uther, Canon, Mature. Rated R.
Summary: Morgana dreams things that may come true, and sometimes they're not
bad dreams. Uther and Morgana pairing. Spoilers for 1x07.

* The Mermaid is Singing by [ profile] oltha_heri, [Morgana x Uther] Rated M.
Summary: The only power you have over me is that which I chose to give you.

* The Ending So Near, Our Start Close Behind by [ profile] nekomitsu, [Uther x Morgana], Rated R. Oneshot.
Summary: Morgana dreams of the king's death.

* Rules of Engagement by [ profile] seaouryou, Unrated. [Merlin x Morgana x Arthur x Gwen], Oneshot.
Notes: I needed a post-"The Fires of Idirsholas" pick-me-up.


* In Other Words by [ profile] halofiction, [Toki x Skwisgaar] Rated Mature. One-Shot.
Summary: Credit cards. Teenagers. Mopeds. Mustard. And another word for hate.


* Heat Wave by [ profile] havemy_heart, Josef/Mick. NC17. Slash. AU.
Summary: If you can't stand the heat, Josef's freezer is big enough for two.

Ouran High School Host Club

* Bee to the Blossom by Crazydiamond, [Haruhi x Tamaki] Rated NC-17.
Summary: Haruhi turns to Tamaki to scratch an itch.

* Fraught with Imagined Dooms by afrai, [Haruhi x Tamaki] Rated G.
Summary: Most women marry men like their fathers. This is the real reason mothers cry at weddings.

* Shichi-Go-Ichi-San by [ profile] empath_eia, [Haruhi x Kaoru, Haruhi x Hikaru] Rated PG. Oneshot.
Summary: Haruhi is painfully practical. The Twins have other ideas.

* The Rainy Season by [ profile] shinebunny, [Eclair x Tamaki] Rated G. Oneshot.
Summary: Éclair has half-tried. He’s half-here.

Sherlock Holmes (2009 Movie)

* Time is the Best Doctor by [ profile] toestastegood, [Holmes x Watson] Rated NC-17. One-shot.
Summary: Watson is certain that Holmes's recklessness is sure to be the death of him. His medical skills can only do so much.

* Great Expectations by [ profile] elfinessy, [Holmes x Watson] Rated NC-17. One-shot.
Summary: First time fic.

* Love Story by [ profile] ciderapples, [Holmes x Watson] Rated T. One-shot.
Summary: "It was not that he felt any emotion akin to love for Irene Adler. All emotions, and that one particularly, were abhorrent to his cold, precise but admirably balanced mind." - A Scandal In Bohemia

* five times Mary suspected Holmes and Watson were more than friends and one time she knew it to be so. by [ profile] paperclipbitch, [Holmes x Watson] rated PG. Oneshot.
Summary: But John Watson and Sherlock Holmes are not quite like other men. Mary knows this by now.

Star Trek/Star Trek: 2009

* Skywriting by [ profile] sinverguenza, [Spock x Uhura], 2009 Movie-verse, PG-13. ONESHOT.
Summary: Uhura's time spent at the Academy has been satisfying, but she finds herself anything but satiated when Spock unknowingly conveys a few facts he'd rather keep private. First person Uhura.

* Off the Old Block by [ profile] rawles, [Joanna McCoy, Kirk/McCoy] TOS, PG. Oneshot.
Summary: "I don't want that to be my story." AN: Uh...random, ridic, not-a-drabble Joanna Visits Enterprise thingum. For [ profile] where_no_woman's first drabble challenge. Prompt was: rebellion.

* How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership by [ profile] sparky77. TOS. Oneshot. Rated R.
Summary: Kirk attempts to be an authority figure.

* In a Moment of Clarity by [ profile] sinverguenza, [Spock x Uhura] Rated R. Two-parter.
Summary: Nyota is being followed. This is not your typical Pon Farr fic.

* Subtleties by [ profile] fembuck, [Gaila x Uhura], Rated R.
Summary: Gaila gasped as warm, thin fingers trailed up the length of her thigh and smiled knowingly as a pair of soft lips brushed against her shoulder.

* Accidents by [ profile] falseeyelashes, [McCoy x Chapel] Rated NC-17.
Summary: the problem with sex and love and every transgression in between is the simple lack of a step-by-step recipe to follow.

* A Formal Dance in a Bowling Alley by [ profile] loneraven Genfic. Rated PG.
Summary: Here are some things that James Tiberius Kirk, Captain, does not understand about the Enterprise and her crew.

* Run Into the Bright Lights by [ profile] ever_obsessed, [Janice Rand-centric, ensemble] Rated PG-13. 2009 movie compliant. ONESHOT.
Summary: A brief (alternate) history of Janice Rand.

* The Power of Friendship by [ profile] linelenagain, [Janice, Chapel, McCoy x Kirk], Rated PG. One-shot.
Summary: Kirk and McCoy sure are cute together, aren't they?

*Zen and the Art of Dealing with Starship Captains by [ profile] selinamoonfire, [Janice Rand, Dr. McCoy] Genfic. Rated PG. ST:XI.
Summary: The Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise discovers that his medical skills are not required in the Captain's ready room. In fact he learns something very new...

*Wear by [ profile] jdphoenix, [Janice Rand] Rated T. TOS.
Summary: They’ve been boarded. And she’s in her underwear. Of course.

*Blurred by [ profile] medie, [Kirk x Rand] Star Trek Reboot. Rated PG13. Oneshot.
Summary: Those are the days she admits that, maybe, she's a little too attached.


* What Happens on Off Days by [ profile] oceansex, [Sam, Dean x Castiel] Rated PG. One-shot.
Summary: Sam is bewildered, Dean is distressed, and Cas is to blame.

* The Golden Hum by [ profile] cassyl, [Dean x Castiel] Rated PG. One-shot.
Summary: Another 5.03 missing scene -- Dean tries to show Cas a good time, Cas makes a confession.

* In Excelsis by [ profile] unoshot, [Dean x Castiel] Rated PG-13. One-shot.
Summary: Dean is tired, and half-buzzed, and Sammy's gone and Lucifer is risen and he's going to get himself smited -- smote? -- by an angel in the world's scuzziest motel.

* When All is Said and Done by [ profile] spacemonkey_699, [Dean x Castiel] Rated R. One-shot.
Summary: Once the war is over, Michael finds himself faced with a disappointed Father and only one solution: convince Castiel and Dean Winchester to have sex.

* tangled tongues and lips by [ profile] estrella30, [Sam x Jo] Rated NC-17. Through Season 2. One-shot.
Summary: Jo isn’t surprised when Sam’s the first one to come back.

* Tricks of the Trade by [ profile] seaouryou, [Gabriel/various] Rated Adult?. One-shot.
Summary: Gabriel's not an idiot. He outclasses most of his brethren, sure—but not all of them, and someone's bound to come looking for God's premier messenger.

* Yea Verily, I Bring You Tidings of Great Whatever by [ profile] seaouryou, [Gabriel x Kali] One-shot.
Summary: God was the hearth and Gabriel was the dog that lied down before it.

True Blood

* Crossroads by [ profile] kereia, Sookie/Sam, Sookie/Bill. Canon. Rated PG-13.
Summary: The morning after Bill takes her to Fangtasia, Sookie takes a walk in order to clear her head and figure out what she wants to do about Bill and the constant danger in which she finds herself. Unfortunately, breakfast with Sam leaves her only more confused.

* I Can Only Give You Everything I've Got - by [ profile] anythingbutgrey, Sam/Sookie, rated PG.
Summary: The wind pushes across Louisiana plains, rustling memories he cannot shake, and it’s almost new moon time again.

* Deconstruction by [ profile] the_grynne, Jessica, Eric, rated PG.
Summary: Jessica has a lot to learn.

* Sweet as Sin by [ profile] alyse, [Jessica x Hoyt] Rated NC-17. Spoilers for 3.11. Blood play.
Summary: Hoyt is just the sweetest thing.


* Contact by [ profile] cold_queen_5, [Jacob x Leah] Rated PG-13. Ficlet. Breaking Dawn spoilers.
Summary: She wants to feel wanted, just once.

* Blame the Beauty by a guitar named annabelle, [Rosalie x Emmett], Rated M. In Progress. Backstory fic.
Summary: Rosalie’s been through a lot—losing her heartbeat, losing her faith in mankind, losing herself... but then, as a vampire, she met Emmett, and without even knowing she fell for him—the boy who gave her back her life.

* Breakaway by [ profile] nade2008, [Jacob x Leah] Oneshot. Unrated.
Summary: It was all too much.

* The peacable kingdom by [ profile] orange_crushed, [Edward x Bella] Rated PG-13. One-shot.
Summary: "Say it," he tells her. He is so goddamn arrogant. He orders her words to come out in front of him like he'd order a coffee. If, you know. He drank. "Say it."

Unnatural History

* Pale Pink Lace by [ profile] pinkpanther20, [Henry x Jasper x Maggie] PG-13. One-shot.
Summary: A few moments leading up to OT3 shenanigans.

* Various Ficlets by [ profile] nightswhisper, different pairings, different ratings.
Summary: All of these little stories are great and really capture Henry, Jasper, and Maggie wonderfully.

* Only the Good Die Young by Rogue Amazon Boo, [Henry x Maggie] Rated PG-13. One-shot.
Summary: Response to Challenge. One Shot. Maggie has an interesting experience that may lead to a change in how she sees Henry.

* The Curse of the Golden Jaguar by Rogue Amazon Boo. [Henry x Maggie] Rated T. In-Progress.
Summary: As Henry and Maggie's relationship changes, Henry, Jasper, and Maggie face the most important mystery of their lives. One that holds the fate of the world in its hands.

* Talk Nerdy to Me by PSITeleport, [Jasper x Maggie] Rated T, One-shot, Canon.
Summary: Maggie's a very smart girl. And smart girls have the strangest kinks.

V (2009 series)

* The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it by [ profile] kaitlia777, [Erica/Jack] Unrated. One-shot.
Summary: Picks up at the end of "We Can't Win."

* Hallowed Be Thy Name by [ profile] hitlikehammers, [Erica x Jack] Rated R. One-shot.
Summary: Her skin is soft against his hands, hands so much more accustomed to other things - things like wafers and wine that were no where near as gentle, as intoxicating.

* Pep Talk by [ profile] scandaloussteph, [Erica x Hobbes], Rated PG. One-shot.
Summary: The knocking, over and over and over again.

* Love forbids you not to love by [ profile] kaitlia777, [Jack x Erica] Rated Mature. One-shot.
Summary: Well, it's a PWP inspired by the promo pics from episode 1x10

* Clutch by [ profile] fuzzy_paint [Lisa x Joshua] Rated R. One-shot. Post-series.
Summary: It is only one life. Nothing compared to the future of our species. You must learn that in order to be Queen. -Anna 2x03

Vampire Diaries

* that kind of person by [ profile] iwrotethissong, [Elena x Jeremy] Rated PG-13. Oneshot. Warning: incest.
Summary: You bite back a groan, pressing your head further into the pillow and your hand deeper into your shorts, trying not to think about your sister.

* Ain't Nothin' but a Number by [ profile] anjali_organna, [Bonnie x Jeremy] Rated PG13. One-Shot. Season 2.
Summary: Elena's little brother has always just been Elena's little brother until he suddenly isn't, anymore.

Veronica Mars

* Hey, Jealousy by chichuri, [Logan x Veronica] Rated R.
Summary: While on stakeout, Veronica discovers something unexpected.

* The Perks of Being a Nice Guy by amchara, [Piz-centric] Rated R.
Summary: Piz asks for advice and Mac sets the record straight for him about his place in their group. A fill-in-the-missing canon for the scene at the beginning of 3.09 when they're standing together on the roof.

* Movie Night by laiquendai, [Veronica x Weevil] Rated NC-17.
Summary: WeeVer Movie Night. Season 3 spoilers.

X-men/Marvel Universe

* Stranded by Bex, [Wolverine x Rogue] Rating PG-13.
Summary: Marie becomes a camping convert. There's no angst here folks. X-Men Movieverse.

* Full Circle by Sionnan, [Wolverine x Rogue] Rated PG-13.
Summary: Rogue figures out that before you can go home again, first you have to leave. Movieverse.


* Secrets and Serendipity by [ profile] myalias88 Moonlight/Heroes. Josef/Elle. NC-17.
Summary: If The Company found out about their affair...

* Impressions by [ profile] ever_obsessed Moonlight/Heroes. Josef/Elle, Claire/Elle. PG-13

Summary: Elle makes quite an impression on her late uncle’s business partner.

* The Blue Anshan by Alesyira, Inuyasha/Yu Yu Hakusho. [Kagome x Kurama] Rated PG-13.
Summary: Sequel to "Shippo and the Magic Wand". Kagome must travel to another realm to save the God Tree, but her movements in the Makai draw the attention of the Reikai Tantei. Shippo's journey to learn more about his family leads to a discovery about his mother's disappearance.

* Learning Its Nature by [ profile] anaphalis, [Lily Duncan Prof. Trelawney] Rated PG.
Summary: Harry Potter x Veronica Mars crossover. Lilies of the field toil not, nor do they spin. But do they learn? Sybill Trelawney. Lilly Kane. Sybill might actually be a True Seer. Too bad it's not going to make any difference.

* You Can't Always Get What You Want by Lavender Valentine, [Isuzu x Sesshoumaru]. Rated PG-13.
Summary: Inuyasha x Fruits Basket crossover. What you want and what you need are not always the same thing...a followup oneshot to 'Sympathy for the Devil'.

* Of Great Turmoil and Excess Stupidity by [ profile] seaouryou,[Sesshoumaru-centric] Rated PG-13.
Summary: Harry Potter x Inuyasha crossover. In his quest to teach his students about foreign magical creatures, Hagrid has a demon shipped over from Japan. A poisonous, arrogant, illtempered one. Hilarity and mass murder ensue.

* Of Dog and Chimp by unsymbolic, [Sirius Black x George W. Bush] Rated PG.
Summary: Harry Potter x Real Person Fic crossover. What is on 'the other side of the veil'? Maybe it's something far more sinister than death. Maybe it's the Bush White House!

* Believe the Lie by [ profile] lunarknightz Crossover with Sarah Connor Chronicles. Micah-centered. Rated PG.
Summary: It isn't true, but Micah wants it to be.

* Listen That Thou May Hear by [ profile] jaune_chat [Olivia Dunham, Sylar] Rated PG-13. Oneshot.
Summary: Fringe x Heroes Crossover. Sylar and Olivia can hear everything, including each other, no matter how far apart they are.

* Faith in Fighting Chance by [ profile] lunarknightz [Emma/Will, Charlie] Rated PG. Ficlet.
Summary: Glee x Heroes Crossover. Hollywood never made movies about hand sanitizer.

* Bitter by [ profile] psyco_chick32 [Kim/Tommy, canon Inuyasha couples] Rated M. In-Progress.
Summary: Inuyasha x MMPR crossover. Forced into a servitude she does not understand, Kimberly finds herself cut off from her past. 10 years later, she is in need of help; the past catches up with the present to take on an evil the Rangers could never expect.

* Wiped Clean by [ profile] psyco_chick32. Rated M. In-Progress.
Summary: Inuyasha x Dollhouse crossover. A collection of drabbles and one-shots taking place in the Dollhouse universe, utilizing the InuYasha cast.

* Affinity by [ profile] forthrightly. Kurama & Kagome. Rated T. In-progress.
Summary: Inuyasha x Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover. He was the last thing Kagome expected to discover in the modern era... a youkai. When Kurama cannot turn his back on the loneliness in her eyes, she’s slowly drawn into his world... and he into hers. A story in bits and pieces.

* The Still Turning Point of the World by [ profile] goddesspharo, Quinn Fabray, the Doctor, Amy. Rated PG-13. One-Shot. Season 1x13 (Glee) & Series 5 (DW).
Summary: Doctor Who x Glee crossover. The last thing Quinn hears before she passes out is a whooshing sound and Pond asking the Doctor if he uses that line on all the women he meets.

Awesome Authors by Default: {If you read anything by them, it'll always be good.}

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[ profile] rtwofan
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[ profile] boombangbing
[ profile] wuhdemah
[ profile] holycitygirl
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[ profile] rawles
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