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Stolen from [personal profile] scripsi and [personal profile] lost_spook:


List the first five (or so) lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether. WIPs count). See if there are any patterns.

 1. One Quick Trip (Doctor Who, Eight, Gen) -  Muriel thought she was dreaming. She turned around the room, soaking in the impossibility of it, taking in every detail she could. If this was a dream, then why could she see so much and with so many details? Wouldn’t her vision be hazier?


The decor of this room, well, the control room of his spaceship, was a mixture of old-fashioned Earth Victorian melded with alien technological elements. In the corner she saw regular old books on a dusty bookshelf, and next to it a small ornate chair with end tables at either side. 



2. His Promise(Doctor Who, Jamie/Victoria) - She was still shivering as they settled under the stars. The TARDIS had brought them to this very Earth-like planet, and it was hard to imagine 24 hours ago they were knee-deep in a civil war. Though Jamie was used to such endeavors, even in his own time, the fight had been over advanced technology. The Doctor reluctantly intervened as the TARDIS seemed to encourage it, and though the Doctor did not mind saving people, getting involved in cultural wars often gave him some pause.Jamie, on the other hand, just wanted to keep their party safe from the villains this so-called civil war produced. you, our future is fragile (Doctor Who, River Song/Eighth Doctor) - She has to be careful. She cannot meet him now, as he is, for he’s too optimistic and naive, too brittle from the beginning horrors of the Time War.As much as River wants to cross paths and reveal herself to him, she cannot disrupt their timeline. She cannot shock him by revealing herself, altering their future forever. It’s tempting - well, it’s always  But he doesn’t even know who she is yet. He’s too young - brilliant and wonderful, but young.

4.The Spa (Doctor Who, Clara/Twelfth Doctor) - Clara was overwhelmed and stressed out from all their adventures, that much was obvious. So, for once the Doctor took his adrenaline-junkie companion to a planet for rest, and Clara did not fight him on it.


The last adventure had almost brought her over the edge. She enjoyed every thrill and new adventure, but she did not enjoy a random, unwelcome appearance from Missy. Especially when she had, as usual, tried to shag and kill the both of them within the same time frame.


5. One Last Time (Doctor Who, Clara, Me, Twelfth Doctor) -  Clara hated when Me looked at her like that, but she couldn’t help it. Once in a great while, when she didn’t feel like going back to Gallifrey (when the time seemed right), she wanted to check up on the Doctor.


And it didn’t matter what incarnation she checked on. Sometimes, she favored taking a glimpse of the floppy-haired younger version - amused by him and the way he cared about his companions that came before her - Amy and Rory. It was easier to check on him when he traveled with them rather than chancing an encounter with her younger self.


6. Not About Words (Doctor Who, Clara/Twelfth Doctor) - He didn’t think she’d notice, but the Doctor had embraced her twice of his own volition since she’d come back to him after Christmas. Of course, to Clara, that seemed to show the Doctor’s growth. He really had missed her and needed her, and after he’d been so adamant before at not hugging her, the rule had suddenly gone away.


A new rule of engagement followed. He would only hold Clara’s hand.


7. Violet Eyes (Doctor Who, War Doctor) - A female voice beckoned him ahead. He grunted as he army-crawled behind her, staring at the dirty soles of her shoes as bombs and bullets crackled around them. Taking steady breaths, he hated the sensation of dirt and ash coating the inside of his mouth and slithering down his throat.


His ears buzzed, tired and raw from all the explosions that occurred near them. The Doctor looked upward sporadically to make sure bombs weren’t descending on top of them and to steal a glimpse of the two green moons that were hidden in the sky behind the billowing smoke and spaceship debris.


8. The Oswald Mystery (Doctor Who, Eleventh Doctor, Clara Oswald) - Clara Oswald was just an ordinary human female - nothing peculiar about her. So why did she confound him? Why did she seem like this mystery he had to solve? He knew, with quite certainty, that she wasn’t anything ordinary but something much more. 


To him - she was a riddle, a phenomenon that kept haunting him through time - a woman turned Dalek in the future, a governess is the past, and here she was again, a regular normal woman who called on him for WIFI help - his special number even, that no one else had access to - or should, certainly not some woman in a shop, whomever that was. (Another mystery to consider, but later…)


He kept stealing glances at her, sweeping his eyes up and down her body, trying to find something that would set her apart from any other human.


9. Dark and Silent (Doctor Who, Clara, Twelfth Doctor) - The familiar presence of the TARDIS hummed behind her as Clara set foot into her empty flat. She just had to retrieve a couple of essential things, and she could go back to her adventures with the Doctor.


The Doctor had brought her home within the hour of the last time she was here. The darkness and silence that swept out before her immediately gave her pause. Time was playing tricks on her as usual.


10. Lost Memories (Doctor Who, Eighth Doctor, Charley) - The Doctor suddenly noticed the glare that Charley was sending his way, and that she had become much quieter (a sure sign of a problem) since they started visiting this peaceful marketplace. He wondered how long she had stared at him with those angry eyes, but he was sure that the more he pondered it, the longer she would stay cross at him.


“Something wrong?” he asked with a smile. She seemed less than pleased that he remained cheery and upbeat despite the look she was giving him.


She cleared her throat. “I can’t believe you,” she began. “You didn’t even realize it.”


11. this tender control (Supergirl, Alex/Max) - “This isn’t about you,” she whispered against his ear, drawing her tongue down the shell of it.


Alex knew that any seduction of Maxwell Lord could not be commonplace. 


He stilled at her touch, intrigued, bespelled by her change of heart. It wasn’t really a change of heart; somewhere deep inside Alex still loathed him for the things he’d done, for the danger he’d put Kara in not too long ago.




She couldn’t deny he’d come around, albeit briefly. She was certain he still had old bones in his closet and new demons awaiting his command.


12. Down, Down into the Lovely Dark (Doctor Who, Eleventh Doctor, River/Eleven) - “Travel with me then,” he says to her. His hearts are breaking. She’s hurting for him, trying to be distracted by the controls on the TARDIS.


“Whenever, wherever you want,” she says but adds, “But not all the time…”


She makes a joke, trying to ease his suffering, trying to make him smile. It doesn’t work. 


13. Absurd Distractions (Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, Kagome) - (WIP chapter 21)  


Okay, Kagome, calm down. Don’t panic, she told herself. The ugly clown looking youkai started to look her over, up and down and around, as if she were a piece of meat. She almost wished they were still dealing with the weak imp youkai. This youkai certainly gave her the creeps.


She felt her temper rising, and she glared at Asobibi, turning her eyes to Sesshoumaru. She felt an icy surge in her veins, and suddenly his cool, impassive demeanor turned, and he slightly smirked.


14. A Hero's Fall (Original, WIP) - 

"Lovely party, isn't it?" She snorted. Her voice was mocking, and her green eyes met his, tinted with allure.


He pursed his lips and clenched his jaw. All he could do was nod. He'd been trying to avoid her all evening.


But he couldn't. He just couldn't.


She smirked at him, resting her tired feet on one of the ballroom chairs. Her red heels were scattered underneath her. 


15. Blazing Heat (Original, WIP) - 


Anna wiped a sheen of sweat from her forehead and sighed. She could feel her hair sticking to her skin, falling out of her ponytail as she continued to work through her shift at Sal’s Tavern, waiting tables and serving beers to the locals. Looking ahead, she pushed a greasy blond clump of her unkempt bangs out of her face. She darted her angry green eyes at Sal, the owner of the tavern, and she wished she could say a few choice words about his lack of maintenance on the recently broken air conditioner.


When he met her stare, her eyes softened a bit, but Anna was determined to look upset.


16. Resurrection Agent (Heroes/Agents of SHIELD, WIP) 


“I thought you’d reach out to your reliable uncle Peter Petrelli to help you...” Bennet said, as he fired off another couple of well aimed bullets at the oncoming S.H.I.E.L.D turned Hydra agents. 


Claire rolled her eyes, jumping in front of him to take a few bullets with a grimace as she healed from the wounds instantly. She fired off her own gun, as if it were second nature, and Noah took a moment swelling with pride for her, even if she wasn’t of his blood.


“Nope, it’s just me, Tracy, and your squad. Dad, you know since Peter and Sylar got a Netflix account he’s been anything but reliable,” she said with a snort, knocking off another Hydra agent with ease.


17.  Girl's Night (Jessica Jones, Trish, Jessica) - Trish couldn’t keep back the smile at the sight before her. Jessica had taken over her bed that night, stretching out her limbs wildly over Trish’s bed, still asleep from a night of too much drinking (more than usual) and celebrating.


Kilgrave was dead. Jessica hesitated at first to celebrate anything at all. She wanted to put it all behind her as fast as she could and look to the next thing she could cut down with a stark barb or sarcastic jab. Hell, she had a business to run now that her reputation was soaring.


18. Closer, Together (Avengers/MCU, Scarlet Witch/Pietro) - 

When he’d found his sister, she was staring at the motionless body in front of her. Blood and brain matter had spilled out from his head, painting the dank dirty floor an interesting color of red and flesh.


She watched the body in wonderment, but he could see his sister also shaking with fear. She tilted her head, tearing her eyes away from the body and looking at her hands. Pietro placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, but she did not look back at him; it was if she were in a trance. She watched the red energy wafting from her fingers.


19. Smile of a Rose (Doctor Who, Ninth Doctor/Rose) - If he could admit it, he’d say that he was grateful for Rose Tyler. Maybe he couldn’t admit it aloud - yet - but he was working on it, and well, surely she knew how much she meant to him already?


He hadn’t been in this body long. He’d met some people along the way, saved some planets and helped a couple of civilizations - all before Rose Tyler, but it had always felt so lonely.


But not anymore. Not with Rose around.


His memories were fuzzy, but he remembered the invaluable companionships of humans. 


20. Her Warm Sun (Twilight, Jacob/Bella) -  

The motorcycle roared over the winding roads, and Bella delighted in the open blue skies that overruled the usual Forks grey weather.


She hugged Jacob closely, delighting in the feeling of his bare skin against her thin clothes. As usual he had opted out of wearing a shirt today, and as the sun beat down on them during their ride, she felt his sweat and smelled his soothing earthy musk.


When she’d nuzzled against his skin, she noticed he’d increased his speed, the bike screaming as it took in more gas. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of the wind, Jacob’s closeness, and the wild speed as they held on together through a quick, reckless fate.



One of the things I notice through all my works is the initial introspection of characters right from the start, as well as some painterly descriptions of background or characters' items. Also, yeah, there's a lot of Doctor Who work here. :)



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