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For interested parties...

[ profile] paynesgrey_fics: All my new stuff, art and fanfic will be there from now on.

Whee! Now to actually put stuff there, lol.
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[ profile] heroes_exchange is doing a holiday exchange and they need more participants!

I have never done [ profile] heroes_exchange, but from what I've seen, it's always been really successful and a lot of good fic comes out of it. Plus, [ profile] boombangbing is a reliable mod, so I suggest you sign up if you're still interested in Heroes.

I just finished a big bang for Heroes, plus I'm doing NaNoWriMo this month, so you know I must be mad for signing up. The thing is...I still love Heroes and I want to see the fandom continue.

Sign-ups end today, so think fast, but fics aren't due until January 8th, and the minimum word count is 1,000, so it's pretty manageable.

So yay! I'm kinda curious to see how this goes. :D


Wednesday, 23 September 2009 09:47
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I finally finished the comm, so it's ready for business.

If any of you have any fanfiction that's non-Peter/Olivia, please do post. The comm looks a bit empty now. I pimped it out as much as I could, so hopefully we'll get some like-minded members.

[ profile] rare_fringe: A community for rare pairings and minor characters in the Fringe fandom. Please join!
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Yes, we don't need another one, which is why mine is SO laid back. Like, whoa, it'll surprise you.

I was talking to [ profile] psyco_chick32 yesterday about starting a challenge comm. A lot of authors in the IY fandom like challenge comms, but they also like to continue their fics and work on their serials, and I thought it'd be cool to have a community with themes, that reward authors for finishing a set word count each month and gives them a little motivation to finish fics, write missing scenes from other fics, or write sequels or prequels.

So I started [ profile] iy_bsides and made the challenges monthly.

You get four themes and a set word count you have to make, and then authors can post continuation fics or sequel fics as long as there is a source to another fic, it's accepted. At the end of each month, I'll make a post where authors can comment their tallied word count and just say they used the theme. (It's really about the honor system. You guys know me. I'm laid back about theme interpretation.)

So check it out, if you're interested. If you have IY comms, I'd love to affiliate with you. I'm going to work on pimping and community layout throughout the day.

Please join the [ profile] iy_bsides community!
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Per my thoughts yesterday...

[ profile] silverontherose has opened a challenge community for Inu/Kag at [ profile] firsttweak. Lovers of this pairing are most welcome.

Also, it would be awesome if anyone insterested in the comm could pimp it around LJ to other Inu/Kag lovers.

Share the love! And check out the new challenge. ^_^

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