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Moffat and Co.


I'm a designer living in Chicago. I'm married and have a baby daughter. I love my friends and family. I am also a self-published author. For more information on my book, please visit my Wordpress Blog for updates and links to the book.


This journal is f-locked but my friending policy is open. It's really good if we have a lot of similar interests. I don't friend based on liking one pairing, for that would be silly and once you learn about my wild attention span, you'll realize this. I also don't friend trolls, Russian bots, pairing fanbrats and people who cause drama.


Current fandoms are: Heroes, Marvel Universe (Comics, TV, Movies), Doctor Who, Inuyasha, DC TV, Star Wars, and Wonder Woman. There are so many more, but these are the main ones so far.

As far as fandom goes I'm a multi-shipper. I'm sometimes vocal if I don't like a pairing. Usually I have my reasons and just avoid it.

Please check out my art journal: [community profile] paynesgrey_art.

And my back-up fic journal: [personal profile] quirkysmuse

My DW communities: [community profile] heroespiclove | [community profile] trickstertaser | [community profile] castle_fic | [community profile] who_contest | [community profile] paynesgrey_fics

I do my main journals at Dreamwidth but I still cross-post to Livejournal.


"It's all make believe, isn't it?" — Marilyn Monroe
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