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Because the original post got too large, here are my Heroes and Inuyasha Fic Recs:

This entry will constantly be updated!



* The Long Wait till Judgement by [ profile] marble_rose Warning: Cesty Paire. [Peter x Claire] Rated R.
Summary: They’re the definition of star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet have nothing on them. At least those two could die and put themselves out of their misery.

* I'm Going to Stop Pretending by [ profile] unfinishedline CANON. COMPLETE! [Peter x Claire] Rated R.
Summary: Peter Petrelli struggles against his less than familial feelings toward his niece.

* The Phone Call by [ profile] literarylemming [Peter x Claire] AU based off Canon. ONESHOT. PG-13
Summary: Nathan calls Peter in search of Claire, and gets an earful of more than he'd bargained for.

* Parallel by [ profile] rtwofan. [Peter x Claire] PG. Oneshot. Alternate Universe.
Summary: Peter and Claire watch X-Men! Then, after Claire realizes all their similarities to Rogue and Wolverine, they begin to find their mutual attraction to each other...

* Obsession by [ profile] eowyn_girl [Peter x Claire] AR rift of Season Two. NC-17. Darkfic.
Peter is found alive after exploding over Kirby Plaza and being presumed dead. Claire takes her second chance to get to know her uncle, but it's soon apparent that he's come back ... different. As their friendship grows more complex, things take a darker turn.

* Best Tip Ever by [ profile] cold_queen_5, Peter/Claire, Rated NC-17.
Summary: Mohinder gets the surprise of his life while driving his cab.

* Letters to My Uncle by [ profile] litchick08, Peter x Claire, rated NC-17
Summary: Claire’s having trouble coping with Peter’s death; her therapist suggests she writes a letter that says everything she wants to say to Peter.

* Beautiful Disaster by [ profile] jd_nomad [Peter x Claire] Rated R. Oneshot. Warnings: Incest.
Summary: “He had always prided himself on being able to read her, but she was a mystery to him now, a mixed up, beautiful disaster of a woman.”

* Half Life Makes for a Clearer View by [ profile] boombangbing, [Peter x Claire, others] Rated R. Oneshot. Season 2. Warnings: Incest.
Summary: Peter's pretty sure he's not crazy, he doesn't feel crazy, but everyone keeps telling him that he is. If he could just kick this feeling of déjà vu, then maybe he'd be okay.

* Fail at Life by [ profile] holycitygirl, [Peter x Claire] One-shot. Rated PG-13
Summary: About the time Dr. Mohinder Suresh tells her exactly what her body does, and can do, and will allow and won't - Claire gives up on being normal.

* Comic Books Failed Us by [ profile] deadduck008, [Peter x Claire] Rated PG-13. Ficlet.
Summary: The first time it happens, he remembers it’s wrong.

* Four Nights in Arizona by [ profile] anr, [Peter x Claire], rated PG, spoilers for "Turn and Face the Strange". ONESHOT.
SUMMARY: One of these days, you think.

* Year After Year by [ profile] holycitygirl, [Peter x Claire], rated PG-13. Oneshot.
Summary: Peter stays and waits, planning for the happy ending that will never come.

* Fragile Tension by [ profile] wuhdemah, [Peter x Claire] Rated PG.
Summary: Claire can't feel pain, but she can feel something else.

* Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground by [ profile] wuhdemah, [Peter x Claire], Rated PG-13.
Summary: He doesn't know, but each time he smiles at her, even looks at her, Claire swears she could fly. And that scares her.

* A Million Little Memories by [ profile] fallenmagic - [Peter x Claire] Up to Season 4. Sentence-fic. Rated PG-13.
Summary: Small moments from S1-4 to AU universes revolving around Peter and Claire's relationship. Some platonic, some romantic.

* Spoils of War by [ profile] cadesama, [Peter x Claire] Rated PG-13. One-shot. "I Am Become Death" universe.
Summary: In the IABD-verse, Claire fights alongside Peter before losing him and when Pinehearst offers to strike a deal, she is more than willing to negotiate terms.

* Tonight, I don't want to walk alone by [ profile] twin_cheeks, [Peter x Claire] PG-13. No spoilers. One-shot.
Summary: Peter tells a story about what could have been


* Do Unto Others by [ profile] airspaniel, [Claire x Sylar] PG-13.
Summary: Claire is a good Samaritan, and wanders into the dark.

* Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by [ profile] holycitygirl, {Sylar x Claire}, Mr. Gray. Rated R. Canon. Season 3.
Summary: She wanted him to want her; he didn't. That pissed her off most of all. His obsession was entirely platonic and some nights she'd get off just at the idea that he was out their somewhere.

* Uncles for Dummies by [ profile] boonies, [Sylar x Claire] Rated R. Season 3. Oneshot.
Summary: A good girl can change.

* Blood and Rust by [ profile] millylicious, [Sylar x Claire] Future!AU. Oneshot. Rated PG.
Summary: Like the ghost of another life, like the same dance with different steps.

* Tactical Error by [ profile] boonies, [Sylar x Claire], Rated PG. AU of the S3 finale. ONESHOT.
Summary: Sylar's proposal is pure logic. Claire's refusal is an exercise in common sense. Sort of.

* I Will Possess Your Heart by [ profile] fallenmagic, [Sylar x Claire] Rated PG-13. S3 finale ficlet.
Summary: "Think about it, Claire," he murmurs, "could you survive all alone in a world where everyone you care about is gone?"


* Are We There Yet? by [ profile] airspaniel, [Claire x Elle] Season Two. Rated NC-17. Femmeslash.
Summary: Lyle has to go. Claire and Elle have to do something else.

* So by [ profile] ever_obsessed, [Claire x Elle] NC-17. Season 2, Vaguely.
Summary: So this is how it happens.

* We'll Take on the World Together by [ profile] toestastegood, [Claire x Elle], PG. Oneshot.
Summary: After taking on Sylar, Elle finds herself on Claire's doorstep looking for help.

* No Sale by [ profile] ever_obsessed, [Elle x Claire], Rated PG-13.
Summary: Claire is forced to take Elle shopping with her. Melon sexual techniques happens.


* Inverse by [ profile] rtwofan, [Peter x Sylar], PG-13
Summary: Ficlet inspired by Season Three of the dynamic between newly discovered brothers Sylar and Peter, and their strength to overcome a dangerous power.

* Heaven for the Weather, Hell for the Company by [ profile] rtwofan, [Peter x Sylar], Rated R. Season 3 divergence.
Summary: After the plane crash, Peter and Sylar are forced together on a cross-country death race from the Kill Squad, and along the way learn there’s more to good and evil that meets the eye.


* No Hero by [ profile] boombangbing, [Nathan x Claire, Nathan x Peter] Rated R. Oneshot. Warnings: Incest.
Summary: Nathan wants to be a good guy for once, but Claire doesn't need a hero. She needs the real Nathan Petrelli.

* Lifetime by [ profile] ever_obsessed, [Peter/Claire, Peter/Elle, Elle/Claire, Adam/Elle, Claire/Adam, Elle/Claire/Adam] Rated NC-17. One-shot. Through Season 2.
Summary: This is how she spends her first lifetime - and the ones after that.

* A Very Merry Un-Christmas to You by [ profile] dragonydreams, [Nathan x Claire x Peter] Rated NC-17. Season 2. One-shot.
Summary: Peter, Nathan and Claire have a lot to celebrate; and a lot of time to make up for.

* This Time. by [ profile] boombangbing, slight Hiro/Claire, Nathan/Claire, ensemble, rated PG-13. AU. Dark.
Summary: Hiro tries to create a better future. SPOILERS through to the released episode synopsis for 3x12.

* Oedipus by [ profile] rtwofan, Sylar/Angela. Sylar/Peter. Peter/Claire. Angela/Nathan, Sylar/Claire, AU. Rated NC-17. Dark and taboo sexual themes. Completed.
Summary: After discovering his new family, Sylar comes to the Petrelli Mansion off Angela's advances. And once he's seduced into the dark mythology of the family, he struggles to find an escape.

* Partial Eclipse by [ profile] rtwofan, Peter/Claire, Sylar/Claire, rated PG-13.
Summary: [6 Yrs PostSeas1] After finding out that they're brothers, Peter and amnesiac Sylar have worked together for three years to rescue their kind from captive mutant laws. But after they cross paths with Claire again, the worst threat yet rears its ugly head.

* Scourge by [ profile] rtwofan, Peter/Claire, Sylar/Niki, rated R
Summary: Seven months after Partial Eclipse: As Sylar begins to get settled into his new life, a force of evil far more terrible then he could ever imagine begins to weave itself into his life. And while Peter and Claire may rise again, so does the dawning armageddon.

* Ring of Fire by [ profile] litchick08 [Peter x Claire, Isaac x Claire] COMPLETE. AU. Rated R.
Summary: The heroes gather in New York to stop the exploding man, but saving the world is the least of their problems. Alternate Universe.

* Thicker than Blood by [ profile] offtheceiling- [Peter x Claire x Nathan] NC-17. ONESHOT. Canon.
Summary: Blood can bring people together, but it’s not always enough to bind them.

* On the Rocks by [ profile] airspaniel [Peter x Niki, Peter x Claire]. Oneshot. Five Years Gone Universe. Rated R.
Summary: She's every man's fantasy. Except His.

* The Noble Warrior and His Love by [ profile] airspaniel Hiro/Yaeko/Kensei, rated R.
The stuff of legends, and a man who can do nothing but watch.

* House Arrest by [ profile] seaouryou Peter/Adam, Micah/Molly. Rated PG.
Summary: Adam gets a punishment fitting of his crime: an eternity with Peter.

* With Bloom to Spare by [ profile] vanitashaze, [Claire x Maya, Claire x Peter] Rated PG-13. Season 2 AU. Oneshot.
Summary: Her seventeenth birthday, Claire doesn’t get a present from her boyfriend. Instead, she gets a book on abusive relationships from her favorite and only uncle, that she knows of. Second-hand.

Other Pairs - Het:

* One More Day by [ profile] cold_queen_5 Claire x Hiro. PG
Summary: For Claire, time is meaningless. For Hiro, time is everything.

* Breaking by [ profile] avaserenity, [Peter x Elle] Rated R. Oneshot. Canon.
Summary: Elle is very good at her job.

* Power by [ profile] 47_trek_47, [Angela x Nathan], Rated NC-17. Oneshot. Warnings: Incest.
Summary: Nathan goes still when she touches him.

* She is Benediction by [ profile] eleanorb - [Sylar/Angela] Rated NC-17. Canon. Season 3.
Summary: Angela prefers not to seal a deal in blood.

* Inevitable by [ profile] thepandorarose, Angela/Linderman, Peter. Rated PG. Canon pre-Heroes.
Summary: Sometimes a mother’s love isn’t the only thing that’s inevitable. And sometimes it can’t fix everything.
(Note: I personally recommend going through all of [ profile] thepandorarose's Angela ficlets. She captures her character really well, sometime better than the show.)

* Nothing Left to Live For by [ profile] airspaniel. [Peter x Candice] Oneshot. R. AU-ish.
Summary: Peter is tormented by his actions, and is found by a woman with a death wish.

* The Life and Lies of Jacob Brown by [ profile] toestastegood Adam/Monica. Rated PG-13.
Summary: With Peter missing after the Haitian got to him, Adam looks into some other potential allies instead.

* Sins of the Father by [ profile] frellingblonde Victoria/Adam, Angela. PG.
Summary: "All you can do now is make sure that your son never has to suffer for his father's sins or his mother's mistakes."

* For Caitlin by [ profile] faceted_mind, [Peter x Caitlin] Rated PG. Oneshot. Season 2.
Summary: He is being taken over by them, piece by piece. They hold him in such a grip it sometimes feels like they are living through him.

* Not Easy Sport by [ profile] bellonablack, [Monica x Sylar] Rated R. Oneshot. Canon.
Summary: Sylar x Monica: the serial killer & St Joan, mortal enemies and sometime lovers.

* Baptisma by [ profile] c_quinn, [Peter x Tracy] Rated R. Season 4. Oneshot.
Summary: It’s a smear of heat, a splash of sighs, and the world is a tired, tired thing; lost to the lean of skin to tile, the bend beneath water.

* Off Duty by [ profile] cadesama, [Peter x Emma] Rated PG. One-shot.
Summary: Between "Tabula Rasa" and "Shadowboxing", Peter and Emma find the time to get to know each other a little better.

Other Pairs - Slash:

* How (Not) to be Cool by [ profile] airspaniel, [West x Noah] Slash. Rated NC-17. Oneshot. Season 2.
Summary: West has a personal problem, and takes matters into his own hands.

* Five Dreams Sylar Had About Mohinder Suresh by [ profile] airspaniel [Mohinder x Sylar] Oneshot. Rated NC-17.
Summary: Five Dreams Sylar has about Mohinder Suresh.

* Jiminy Cricket by [ profile] toestastegood, [Mohinder x Sylar], Rated PG-13. Oneshot.
Summary: Sylar had been in prison for two years before Mohinder found the strength to visit him.


* Go Back to Sleep by [ profile] razycrandomgirl Molly. PG.
Summary: Lay your head down child.

* Pound of Flesh by [ profile] miss_vacant Sandra Bennet. PG.
Summary: My memories are my own and I would never trade them for a new name - a new life - and I held onto them like worry stones as I signed checks Sandra Butler; solid reminders of who I was, and who I would be again.

* Fugue State by [ profile] brighteyed_jill, [Niki Sanders] Rated PG-13. Genfic. Oneshot.
Summary: Everything seems a little unreal for Niki after what happened in LA.

* Collectors by [ profile] barhaven, [Sylar, Daphne] Rating PG. Oneshot.
SUMMARY: Daphne and Sylar run into each other. And they're both looking to steal something valuable.



* Think Twice by [ profile] aimee_blue, [Miroku x Sango] Rated T. One-Shot. AU.
Summary: AU. Sango makes an abrupt assessment, Miroku uses it to his advantage.

* Pleasure by Gimpyslair. Miroku/Sango. PG-13. Oneshot
Summary: Miroku realised something important. Set somewhere after the Koharu incident. MiroSan

* Toward the Future by [ profile] eggplantlady, [Sango x Miroku] Oneshot. Rated G.
Summary: Sango needs a little push in the right direction.

* A Rickety Bridge by Rienna Hawkes, [Miroku x Sango] Rated NC-17. Complete.
Summary: A lot stands between Sango and Miroku. Enough sexual frustration may be what it takes for them to push all that aside. But then, perhaps not.

* Identity Crisis by [ profile] eggplantlady, [Miroku x Sango] Rated Mature. Complete. Canon Divergence.
Summary: When Sango's confidence is shaken, she struggles to find her way back to being the woman she was.

* The Eight-Fold Path by [ profile] psyco_chick32, [Miroku x Sango] Rated R. Complete.
Summary: Miroku and Sango had finally found peace and happiness. Now an innocent piece of a not-so-innocent past has come back to haunt him, and he refuses to back down from his duty. Will he and Sango be able to retain the happiness they so rightfully deserve?


* Dog Skin by sublimetrickster,[Inuyasha x Kagome] AU. Rated R.
Summary: Kagome loves her father, King Naraku. Unfortunately, he starts loving her in the wrong way and disguised, she escapes. A kind hearted hanyou prince rescues her, but can he protect her from the darkness that pursues her? A Grimm Fairytale.

* Beast by [ profile] aoi_tsuki1/Ikustoia, [Inuyasha x Kagome] Rated M. AU. In-progress/Hiatus.
Summary: A modern take on an old French fairy tale: Kagome's dad repays some supernatural hospitality the wrong way, know the rest. Or do you?

* Possession by [ profile] wheezambu, [Inuyasha x Kagome] Rated NC-17.
Summary: After defeating Naraku, Inuyasha uses the sacred jewel to become a full demon. Kagome tries to stop him using the rosary, but it breaks. She escapes from the demon and goes home. Now its ten years later and she's going back to Japan for the first time in seven years.

* Control Infirmity Defiance by [ profile] psyco_chick32 - [Kagome x Inuyasha, ensemble] Rated Mature. In-Progress.
Summary: Control: Losing it, gaining it, finding one’s self. Infirmity: Discovering one’s weakness, turning it into strength. Defiance: Even when destiny is one’s enemy. When one detail of the timeline is altered, everyone must deal with the consequences.

* Blood and Ashes by [ profile] doggieearlover, [Inuyasha x Kagome] Darkfic. Rated M. Oneshot.
Summary: InuYasha and Miroku return from a routine youkai extermination to find that Kagome and Rin have been taken. First Place IYCaptions community at LJ for "Ashes to Ashes" prompt.

* You're Gonna Carry that Weight by [ profile] shiinabambi, [Inuyasha x Kagome] Rated PG. Oneshot.
Summary: What do you get for the girl who has everything? A wheelbarrow.


* Unexpected Endeavors by [ profile] scottishfae, [Kagome x Sesshoumaru] Canon. Rated R.
Summary: IYFG 3rd Place: Best OC Haru The shard hunting group is rocked by an unexpected request from Sesshomaru and forced to endure the deal when, by mistake, Kagome agrees to his offer.

* Hallowed Desire by Demonlordlover, [Kagome x Sesshoumaru] AU. Rated R.
Summary: Sesshoumaru wanted more than a mate. He wanted her, Kagome......Surrounded by those that would stand between them, they will take on the prejudices of the modern world while forging an unbreakable bond in the fires of his Hallowed Desire.

* Tales from the House of the Moon by [ profile] a_hollow_year (Resmiranda), [Sesshoumaru x Kagome] [COMPLETE] Rated R.
Summary: Kagome, now in college, discovers the tale of Sesshomaru and Rin. Grief can be a prison, but the bonds of love are not easily broken. What is the truth behind fairytales?

* Concordia Discors by Enkida, [Kagome x Sesshoumaru] Rated PG-13.
Summary: On a seemingly normal trip back to the modern era, Kagome suddenly realizes the consequences of playing with the past. In trying to discover a balance between two vastly different worlds, she finds help from the most unlikely of sources. COMPLETE

* Fools Paradise by [ profile] anaphalis, [Kagome x Sesshoumaru] Rated PG.
Summary: “A limbo large and broad, since call'd The Paradise of Fools to few unknown.” -John Milton, ‘Paradise Lost’ ONESHOT. AR.

* Optique by [ profile] runiclore, [Kagome x Sesshoumaru] Rated G. One-shot. Canon.
Summary: She should have been jealous - Inu Yasha was, Kagome was positive. Instead, she only wanted to see the demon lord in his natural habitat. Maybe the pieces would fit if they were placed together for her to examine.

* Child Birth Complications by [ profile] landofthekwt, [Sesshoumaru x Kagome] Drabble-Series. Rated PG-13.
Summary: A baby is born.

* Temporal Sequence by Chaos-and-Serenity, [Kagome x Sesshoumaru] Canon. Rated R.
Summary: [COMPLETE] Memories are snippets in time. If evaluated piece by piece they can reveal the foundation of a personality. But these snapshots of things past are meaningless unless properly sequenced. It's really all about the timing...

* Fleeting by [ profile] luxken27, [Kagome x Sesshoumaru] Rated M. In-Progress.
Summary: All he ever wanted was a considerate roommate…but she turned out to be so much more. When they’re unwillingly thrown into a world of cutthroat business intrigue and family secrets, she quickly becomes the most important person in his life – if only he can find a way to truly trust her, body and soul. AU; Serial.


* Entangled by [ profile] alterfano, [Rin x Sesshoumaru] Rated R.
Summary: After Naraku, Sesshoumaru rebuilds his father's dominion. Rin is key to his strategy, but even Sesshoumaru's maneuvering cannot guess her ultimate role in the entanglements of his plans and his heart. 3rd Place Best Drama IYFG 2Q06. WARNING: Dark Fic.

* Gisei by [ profile] alterfano, [Sesshoumaru x Rin] Rated R.
Summary: Rin and Sesshoumaru are separated on the eve of her journey into womanhood and begin a life adventure that takes them through the bloody wilds of the Sengoku Jidai before they can finally be together.

* Snowbound by [ profile] fenikkusuken (and its sequel, Snowbound: Requiem), [Rin x Sesshoumaru] AU. Oneshot. Rated M.
Summary: On a remote island off the coast of Japan, a woman confronts an unusual dog that may have been part of her past...

* An Innocent Affair by [ profile] doggieearlover, [Rin x Sesshoumaru] Rated PG-13. In-Progress.
Summary: Post-Manga. It all began when Rin invites Sesshomaru to a picnic lunch. A collection of challenge drabbles centering around the Sesshomaru/Adult!Rin pairing.


* Minoue by [ profile] doggieearlover, (MODERN AU) [Miroku x Sango, Inuyasha x Kagome] Rated R.
Summary:A tragic past, and an uncertain future. Sango leaves her family home to begin a new life in Tokyo. What will fate bring as she meets a surly hanyou, a shy fellow student, and a teacher with one very lecherous reputation?

Other pairs - Het:

* A Madness Most Discreet by Reiku, [Inupapa X Sessmom] Rated R.
Summary: In order to cease a century old war, the Inu no Taishou weds the powerful daughter of his greatest rival. He believed their union would restore peace to conquered lands. Never suspecting that she would conquer his heart.

* Canyon by [ profile] harlowrd, [Kagome x Kouga, Kagome x Inuyasha] Rated PG-13. Language, hints at sexual situations.
Summary: You've come home.

* Howl by [ profile] yumi_michiyo, [Sango x Kouga] Rated K+. Canon. ONESHOT. Implied Character Death.
Summary: Even when she thought she had lost everything, she learns she can never be truly alone. A story of building trust and gradual acceptance.

Other pairs - Yuri:

* Is She Promised by [ profile] scribefigaro, [Kikyou x Kagome] Rated M. Femmeslash.
Summary: In death, the senses cannot be sated. Desire, if formed, becomes insatiable. Kikyou and Kagome.

* Between Stops by [ profile] shiinabambi, [Kikyou x Kagome] Oneshot. Rated PG-13.
Summary: Beware the light at the end of the tunnel. [Kikyou, Kagome, a train, a schism in reality, and a kiss.]

* Solace by [ profile] salomesensei, [Kagura x Sango] In Progress. Rated Adult. Canon.
Summary: Kagura teaches Sango something new about herself and together they experience an awakening and an unexpectedly intimate bond. Angst, Yuri, Romance, Mini Ch.5 up. The dance continues...

* To Touch by [ profile] psyco_chick32, [Ayame x Kagome] Complete. Rated M. Canon.
This was all they had wanted and more... to touch and be touched, to love and be loved... EXPLICIT YURI. COMPLETE.


* Shippou and the Magic Wand by Alesyira, [Shippou,Kagome] Genfic. Rated PG-13 for language and mild
Summary: Shippo finds something strange in the forest, and chaos in beauty ...and then further adventures in undoing said beauty!... ensues.

* A Time Traveller's Guide to Causality by [ profile] azul_bleu, [Kagome introspective] Rated PG-13, Ficlet.
Summary: Kagome never really liked physics. Now, it's all she thinks about.

* When September Ended by [ profile] seventh_scribe, rated PG. [Kaede, Sesshoumaru] Genfic.
Summary: Kaede's life is coming to a close and Rin is feeling the impact; but what are the sentiments of ever impassive Sesshomaru? Kaede is just another human, right?

Continue to the rest of the fic recs...
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