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This was an awesome convention!

I had never gone to Chicago Tardis but I can say I was pleased. It wasn't too busy, and I'm glad I went on Sunday because I heard Friday was a huge clusterfuck. Anyway, the lines weren't too bad, there wasn't that many people, and I got exactly what I wanted ... to meet Paul and Alex, get their autographs and get a picture with them.

I have been having Eight/River bunnies dancing in my head since I got back from the convention.

This is the picture I paid a pretty penny for. TOTALLY WORTH IT. River/Doctor OTP FOREVER.
 photo MeAlexPaul_zpsw0klweli.jpg

I love you too, Paul. Can I kidnap you?
 photo 12308821_10153320939421314_4478191237359241559_n_zpsmn8bt6zp.jpg

Alex drew me a heart. All is right within the world.
 photo 12308524_10153320939436314_5281461547905217842_n_zps3alh85sj.jpg

She was just adorable.
 photo 12274649_10153320939591314_830682773548530052_n_zpsmrcoq2je.jpg
 photo 12274391_10153320939651314_6822193832710746833_n_zpskiu6ovak.jpg
(FYI this moderator was kind of a douche. You could tell at one point Alex was a bit put off by him.)
 photo 12316139_10153320939746314_214869629781062194_n_zpsb7dceu4p.jpg

Speaking of adorable. Guhhhhh... he's so amazing. Hot in every way. I've loved him since I first saw him when I was 15 years old. I think I love him even more now.
 photo 12274274_10153320939521314_8553523536078865003_n_zpsxwc9o8tp.jpg
 photo 12316218_10153320939466314_316071238990570023_n_zpsex3e6kqz.jpg
 photo 12310477_10153320939556314_9045958585903613763_n_zpsafnj8dvy.jpg

Joe was kind enough to come to this convention with me even though he's not a fan. While I was getting my Alex/Paul photo, he bought me a new mug. SWAG.
 photo 12313856_10153320939391314_8703497929859616323_n_zpsu4yaywji.jpg

More SWAG. I'm going to have to find some time to listen to all of these!
 photo 11214275_10153320939371314_5357179496479604022_n_zpsnx6pxpm8.jpg

This Dalek was guarding the hotel lobby. It was rather cool.
 photo 12308382_10153320939781314_7475511560244746594_n_zpshc6cvgse.jpg

Alex was hinting a bit on the Christmas special without giving away too many spoilers. But she did say that River was really REALLY naughty in the special, and she stressed it alot, so it made me even more excited for the Christmas special. I have video of her talking about working with Peter, but the sound quality sucks. Anyway, Alex was a treat! Though I will say Paul McGann was the best. He was personable, chatty, and just very lovely all around when interacting with him. Even Joe liked listening to his panel, so that's a plus.

Jenna Coleman was supposed to be here, but she canceled and they replaced her with Ingrid Oliver. I barely made it into one of the Ingrid panels but she was pretty cool too. You can tell Ingrid really loves the fans.

Sam Anderson was also there. I'm not really a Danny Pink fan, but now I'm a Sam Anderson fan. He was totally interactive with the fans and a huge goofball. You can tell he really loves Who people and he was very nice and engaging with everyone. He was signing autographs behind Paul so while I was in line I watched him interact with people and he is just a hoot. The Chicago Tardis staff was saying what a "problem child" he was, and one incident in particular he went out without his "handler" and was walking among the masses of fans, up and down and totally trolling the autograph lines so much the Chicago Tardis staff had to kick him out of the hallway. I even saw him dress up as a Cyberman and take photos with some of the fans. He's pretty awesome, so if he comes back next year, I'll definitely want to get his autograph. Maybe I'll rewatch Danny Pink episodes to increase my love for him.

Joe and I made it into the tail end of the writers panel too, which I wish I would have joined earlier but they were stressing the importance of writing fanfiction, which made me happy.

All and all, a good day. I'm also broke right now, and I spent some of my Christmas bonus without getting it yet. LOL. But totally worth it.

Oh and also, after all these years, Paul McGann still hates his movie wig.
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