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Well, fandom-stocking reveals are in, and I feel like such a lucky duck at all the goodies I received. I must thank everyone who filled my stocking this year. I am thoroughly happy with the thought that went into the banners, icons and fics for me! People in fandom are pretty amazing and I'm grateful to be apart of it.

I received several little fics that I feel I need to share. I hope you get a chance to read them and enjoy them as I did.

Doctor Who, Missy/Clara drabble by sharpest_asp. I love this little ficlet with a passion! Missy/Clara are my guilty pleasure.

Doctor Who, Love and Kisses by [ profile] kiramaru7. River/Doctor is my OTP. Thank you!

Doctor Who, Passing Fancies - a River/Eight ficlet by muccamukk, OMG MY PAIRING. Loved this look at Eight and River crossing paths. Also, EIGHT!!!!!

Doctor Who, No, Miss Oswald, I Expect You to Die by JohnAmendAll, more delicious Clara/Missy. YOU SPOIL ME!

Doctor Who/Star Wars, Taking Relationship Advice from a Master by annariel, This was a HUGE surprise to me, mainly because I did not ask for Star Wars, and someone even went out of their way to notice that I ship Rey/Kylo Ren, and wrote a Missy instructing Kylo Ren about his attraction to Rey, which is GLORIOUS and CLEVER. And I just love this to bits. AHHHHHH! Perfection.

Agent Carter, A Married Man by [ profile] yetanothermask, Peggy/Jarvis goodness that I rarely see because he's married, but this is PERFECT, and I just love their chemistry on the show so them pining for each other just makes a lot of sense to me.

Thank you everyone!

-- Also, I did some of my own from Doctor Who, Twilight, Jessica Jones, Inuyasha, and Marvel fandoms.
I updated them at [ profile] paynesgrey_fics if you want to take a look.

All of this really cheered me up. I had sort of a bad day yesterday at work, so this really made up for it reading these stockings.


Thursday, 19 April 2012 22:21
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After sifting through hundreds of deviantart notices daily, there comes a time when something really strikes me and grabs my attention. This is one of those art pieces.

I may have to print this and put this up on my inspiration board in my studio just because I like it so much.

by ~siana-juu on deviantART
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It feels so good finishing a long ass fic like that, after being so busy lately.

Whoohooo! Over 55K words too! That's alot for me, okay?

One down, twenty other billion projects to go! LOL.
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I gave my notice today. My last day at World Richman is October 12th, next week.

Caitlin already got back to me and confirmed my email to accept Star's offer and that she's looking forward to working with me on the 17th. Double YAY!

Party time!


Now time to go write...

SQUEE in gifs

Sunday, 2 October 2011 13:53
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My feelings on the Doctor Who finale...AMAZEBALLS.

I could not love River Song more than I do now. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. And AMY! SO MUCH LOVE FOR ALL OF THEM. Series 6 is definitely my favorite series now.

I also ignore all the River-hate and Moffat-hate on the internet. Sorry Who fandom, I don't care. Hahahaha.


Also Merlin is back. OMG. Lady Morgana is AWESOME, and I still love her like crazy, even though she's Team Evil. But I think my favorite part about the premiere was Lancelot. OMG. GUH. Santiago, I can't get enough of you.


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Naturally as a big Avengers fan, I'm all over this new Thor movie. I've been searching around for communities and new fics of the movie, and I thought I'd share what I found in case others are interested in this fandom as well.


[ profile] avengersblend - A General Thor (and Avengers et al)community (very new but it could grow)
[ profile] thor_het - Het fanfiction
[ profile] thor_slash - Slash fanfiction
[ profile] norsekink - Thor kink meme
[ profile] needmyhammer - General movie comm

[ profile] het_reccers has also been finding some recent Thor gems as well.

Also, [ profile] comicstore_news has Thor stuff, especially now, but encompasses all comic-book media news.

Fanfiction I like so far:

I'll Be Yours by [ profile] sarkywoman, Thor x Loki, rated R. Oneshot.
Comment: I wasn't completely sold on the Loki/Thor pairing until I read this, and OH LORD, I want more of them. SO HOT.

Salt on Your Lips by [ profile] mekosuchinae, Thor x Jane, rated R. Oneshot.
Comment: A beautiful, sexy and well characterized Jane and Thor fic, if het is more up your alley.

[ profile] eviinsanemonkey did a recent AWESOME character study of Loki that needs more love.

I'm contemplating writing some myself. I just thought if anyone enjoyed the movie and wanted to venture into the fandom I'd give you a little direction.


If you guys know of any other Thor communities, let me know! I'll add them to the list. :)
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The hot actress that plays November on "Dollhouse" Miracle Laurie, has Twitter.


I am totally in love with her.

EDIT: Miracle Laurie also plays the ukelele with her fiance. She has a really pretty voice.

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