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Because the original post got too large, here are my Heroes and Inuyasha Fic Recs:

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Naturally as a big Avengers fan, I'm all over this new Thor movie. I've been searching around for communities and new fics of the movie, and I thought I'd share what I found in case others are interested in this fandom as well.


[ profile] avengersblend - A General Thor (and Avengers et al)community (very new but it could grow)
[ profile] thor_het - Het fanfiction
[ profile] thor_slash - Slash fanfiction
[ profile] norsekink - Thor kink meme
[ profile] needmyhammer - General movie comm

[ profile] het_reccers has also been finding some recent Thor gems as well.

Also, [ profile] comicstore_news has Thor stuff, especially now, but encompasses all comic-book media news.

Fanfiction I like so far:

I'll Be Yours by [ profile] sarkywoman, Thor x Loki, rated R. Oneshot.
Comment: I wasn't completely sold on the Loki/Thor pairing until I read this, and OH LORD, I want more of them. SO HOT.

Salt on Your Lips by [ profile] mekosuchinae, Thor x Jane, rated R. Oneshot.
Comment: A beautiful, sexy and well characterized Jane and Thor fic, if het is more up your alley.

[ profile] eviinsanemonkey did a recent AWESOME character study of Loki that needs more love.

I'm contemplating writing some myself. I just thought if anyone enjoyed the movie and wanted to venture into the fandom I'd give you a little direction.


If you guys know of any other Thor communities, let me know! I'll add them to the list. :)


Monday, 12 October 2009 16:52
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I think you'd appreciate this [ profile] rtwofan:

by ~Unlucky-Numbers on deviantART

Fic Recs

Thursday, 9 July 2009 20:36
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Heroes - Sylar/Monica - NC17



Fic Rec

Wednesday, 6 May 2009 11:45
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Even though I might need a tad bit of brain bleach, I did update my C2 today. For those of you that don't know, I have a C2 on for Inuyasha minor characters/pairings. Though, I tend to prefer more genfic but all is good.

Anyway, I found a fic there today that I wanted to share. It's genfic, so sorry shippers, but it has a really good interaction between Sesshoumaru and Kaede. THIS is the kind of stuff that needs to be highlighted for best characterization awards, for whichever group. Or at least, examples of it if you're not into that award group thing.

Silent Scribe is a constant favorite of mine. She hardly ever disappoints me. Okay, so I sorta fanpoodle her. I must have missed this one. I'm kinda a bad fanpoodle. It's hard to keep up, yo. ^^;

When September Ended by Silent Scribe
Kaede's life is coming to a close and Rin is feeling the impact; but what are the sentiments of ever impassive Sesshomaru? Kaede is just another human, right?

Anyway, I don't think she has an LJ. I fan-stalk her on DA, but I haven't been going to that place in awhile either.

So I'm going to eat lunch, maybe catch some Legend of the Seeker and read some Silent Scribe fic. I dunno if I'm going to have the inspiration to write today, and I have class tonight.

Boo. At least it's just a work in class day. u_u

New Fic Recs

Tuesday, 20 January 2009 16:04
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I updated my Fic Recs page recently.

First, I added two Heroes stories. One is "Oedipus" by [ profile] rtwofan, who does a great job showing the darker side of being in the Petrelli Family. Also, "Inevitable" by [ profile] thepandorarose, who has a great library of Angela Petrelli fic.

In the Inuyasha fandom, I read some works by [ profile] selinamac. If you're an Inu/Kag fan and don't mind AUs, I'd check out "Of Strings and Kevlar". Very addicting, and the characterizations for an AU are spot on. The Inuyasha fandom needs more fic like this.

My recs are here:

The inauguration kicked ass today! I watched it with my co-workers, which was kinda cool. They asked me if I wanted to watch it with them too. Who would have thought? :3

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