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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 10:00
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Since I seem to be taking more commissions and doing more artwork - I decided to start another community here on Dreamwidth to keep all my icons and artwork in one spot. So I opened up [community profile] paynesgrey_art, a companion for [community profile] paynesgrey_fics.

Eventually I'll be closing my y!gallery, artist alley and Paper Demon accounts as I never go there anymore or do anything to keep it active. I do still keep up with DeviantART, but for mature artwork, past and present, I will be keeping it at Dreamwidth as they are not as strict as some places for mature works. I will keep them under f-lock once I bring them over. Feel free to watch it and join if you like.

I have also stopped updating my LJ community and imported all my old fics here, so eventually I will phase those sites out. I'm hoping that my personal journal and maybe even who-contest will be the only things I'll work on at Livejournal by the end of the year. I just need to keep organized. I don't have the attention span for all these different places, and after some thought, Dreamwidth has the best Terms of Services, and I'm starting to get the hang of their journal layouts.
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Still desperate! I just had another hefty bill come through for my car, and I'm still paying off medical bills for having my baby and surgery on some complications. 
I am open to pretty much everything for the things on this list. Let me know if you have ideas and we can work something out.
Things I will be able to do:
Graphic design work (1-2 iterations):
- Wallpapers ($3) computer size and lower size
- Banners ($3) No more than 300x400 pixels
- Manips ($5) all sizes
- Book Covers for indie books ($10) - if I need to use my stock imagery account this might include the cost of the stock photo too.
- Logos, icons, other graphics, custom graphics - we can discuss ($3 - $10)
- Indie Publishing package ($100) This includes book cover, beta read, uploading to Amazon, Nook, or any other ebook place. Same goes for a layout for Creative Space too for a physical book.
Digital art, fandom or original:
- Pastel, Marker or Colored Pencils 8x10 ($25)
- Digital, Photoshop or Illustrator or Sketchbook 8x10 ($30)
- Black and White ink ($15)
- Coloring Book page ($10)
Pet Portraits:
- Ink ($20)
- Pastel or Colored Pencil ($25)
- Digital, Photoshop ($35)
Here are my portfolios to see my work:
I've done several big bangs, banners, and original award banners for lots of fandom communities. I've got about 15 years of design experience. Most of my professional work is graphic design, prototyping and web design. Painting and drawing is mostly a hobby at this point but I've done it since I could hold a pencil.
I will give a sample sketch to show you before you pay once we discuss subject matter and terms.
Keep in mind that I will not ask for payment until after the work is complete. I will be using Paypal only. I would feel super guilty if I got paid even a portion and could not deliver.
Please share if you can! Thanks!
PS: Another thing that would help out if you haven't bought my book Unbridled. It's at Amazon. 
Even though I don't get royalties until two months later, it would help later.
The e-book is $2.99 and the physical copy is $11.99. If you would like a physical copy signed by me, I can send you one for $10.
Thank you very much everyone!

(If I owe you commissions, I'm working on them and will finish them soon!)
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This was an awesome convention!

I had never gone to Chicago Tardis but I can say I was pleased. It wasn't too busy, and I'm glad I went on Sunday because I heard Friday was a huge clusterfuck. Anyway, the lines weren't too bad, there wasn't that many people, and I got exactly what I wanted ... to meet Paul and Alex, get their autographs and get a picture with them.

I have been having Eight/River bunnies dancing in my head since I got back from the convention.

Pictures )

Alex was hinting a bit on the Christmas special without giving away too many spoilers. But she did say that River was really REALLY naughty in the special, and she stressed it alot, so it made me even more excited for the Christmas special. I have video of her talking about working with Peter, but the sound quality sucks. Anyway, Alex was a treat! Though I will say Paul McGann was the best. He was personable, chatty, and just very lovely all around when interacting with him. Even Joe liked listening to his panel, so that's a plus.

Jenna Coleman was supposed to be here, but she canceled and they replaced her with Ingrid Oliver. I barely made it into one of the Ingrid panels but she was pretty cool too. You can tell Ingrid really loves the fans.

Sam Anderson was also there. I'm not really a Danny Pink fan, but now I'm a Sam Anderson fan. He was totally interactive with the fans and a huge goofball. You can tell he really loves Who people and he was very nice and engaging with everyone. He was signing autographs behind Paul so while I was in line I watched him interact with people and he is just a hoot. The Chicago Tardis staff was saying what a "problem child" he was, and one incident in particular he went out without his "handler" and was walking among the masses of fans, up and down and totally trolling the autograph lines so much the Chicago Tardis staff had to kick him out of the hallway. I even saw him dress up as a Cyberman and take photos with some of the fans. He's pretty awesome, so if he comes back next year, I'll definitely want to get his autograph. Maybe I'll rewatch Danny Pink episodes to increase my love for him.

Joe and I made it into the tail end of the writers panel too, which I wish I would have joined earlier but they were stressing the importance of writing fanfiction, which made me happy.

All and all, a good day. I'm also broke right now, and I spent some of my Christmas bonus without getting it yet. LOL. But totally worth it.

Oh and also, after all these years, Paul McGann still hates his movie wig.
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Just a small blog update! My cover will be publically released on Friday. I know I've shown you guys under f-lock but I think I'll be done tinkering with it by then for the official release. :)

Also, musings about dedications pages and then update on my blog's header bar. I love my blog more now! I need to add links and keep the social marketing going.

Woot woot!


How about NO.

Monday, 23 July 2012 12:50
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LJ has become an undesirable place to come recently. Spammers are everywhere again, targeting old entries with youtube videos. I can't even get excited if someone has actually left a comment on an old fic because I know it's bunk. *SIGH*

Also, Dear Russian accounts that friend me: Do you know English? Good, FUCK OFF. I'm never going to friend you back. EVER.


Otherwise, life is good. Back feels better today too. Knee feels okay too. I'm hopeful. I'm sure as shit going to tell my PT that it puffed up again though. And this was the day after he did some rigorous stretching on my legs and spine. I'm quite sure that's why it was irritated again. :/

I'm hoping HOPING to conquer banners I owe tonight. Fingers crossed, barring any RL BS that's flung my way.

And I really really wish the Pocket Fiction app on my iPad could update. I really don't like reading stories at FFnet anymore. Their layout is cattywompous and I'd rather just read it on my iPad, but alas...That's usually the app that lets me do it too. I sympathize with them...they had a lot of coding problems ever since FFnet changed shit around.

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