Saturday, 10 July 2010 07:37
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To whoever nominated and voted for me at the Eternal Destiny Awards, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

It was a nice surprise to get the notification in my email box.

You totally made my morning! And I have never won an award from here, so that was DOUBLE AWESOME. :D

Thanks again!


Tuesday, 6 July 2010 09:17
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The Eikyuu Kosai - Miroku & Sango Awards are looking for nominations. If you're in the Inuyasha fandom, I suggest you stop by ([ profile] mirsanawards) and make some nominations. I should be searching for mine this week, of course most of the stuff I've read has already been nominated, but that doesn't mean I can't look out for more. :)

Nominees are here.

Nominations must be posted here.

All nominations due July 14th.

And thanks for the nomination! I didn't realize I had anything eligible. :3


I also want to thank whoever nominated and voted for me over at the [ profile] syelleficawards which is really cool and a nice surprise. I've had the award for awhile but I just wanted to thank them publicly, as well as the mods who host the awards.




David's back today, but he isn't yet, so I'm enjoying a little lazy time before I have to start working on something and look like I'm busy, because I clearly am still doing downtime since we got most of our work done last Friday.

At least this week is only four days long! \o/

drive-by thanks

Tuesday, 11 August 2009 10:17
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I just wanted to drop a line during my busy schedule to thank those who nominated and voted for me at the [ profile] mirsanawards, Eikyuu Kosai in the Inuyasha fandom for their July 2009 awards. It's fun to see one of my favorite canon IY pairings get its own little awards community that ran very well and the mods were absolutely awesome.

Here are the fics/art recognized:

For Twenty Seasons More, for Best Canon, First Place
For Twenty Seasons More, for Best Romance, First Place
Cold Spring, for Best Miroku Portrayal, Third Place
Dirty Love, for Best Oneshot, Second Place
Warrior Woman, for Best Sango Portrait, Third Place

Congratulations to all my fellow IY authors and f-listers that also placed.

Once again, thank you and much appreciated. <3
I'll add the banners to my awards post soon. They're really freaking awesome too. Thank you to [ profile] eggplantlady for her work on them. ^_^

Thank You!

Monday, 22 June 2009 08:39
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First off, congratulations to those on my f-list who are nominated at the [ profile] fa_awards. Good luck!

I also want to say thank you to those who took time to nominate some of my pieces for the June awards: [ profile] knittingknots for Memorial for Best Ficlet, InuyashaSesshoumaru/Pitabred for Save the Miko, Save the World for Best Group Depiction, instrugirl for For Twenty Seasons More for Best In-Character-Miroku, and [ profile] landofthekwt for Step Dad for Best Humorous.

Thank you so much. And thanks to [ profile] inuyashaloverr and [ profile] inugrrrl, and all the artists and screeners for all their hard work.
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Voting at the [ profile] heroes_het_fic awards has opened! Go on over there and give the authors some love.

Here are the rules, nominations, etc.

Voting ends June 19, 2009.

Good luck to all the nominated authors on my f-list!
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All the Heroes writers on my list should head over to [ profile] heroes_het_fic to check out the nominations for their first round. A couple days ago when I sent my own nominations in, I found out I was nominated a couple of times (no Paire oddly enough).

"Losers Never Really Lose" (Peter/Tracy) for Best Crackfic
"Conjugal Visit" (Elle/Sylar) for Best PWP and Best Sylar/Elle
"When the World Smells of Vanilla" (Peter/Elle) for Best Romance

For those of you nominated on my f-list, congratulations! Go pick up a banner, they have tons of them and they're really pretty.

They're still taking nominations until May 10th, so if you have some favorites you want to nominate, go forth!

And if anyone on my flist nominated me, thank you very much!

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