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I started a DW community for Darcy x Loki!

It's the mirror site for TricksterTaser on LJ.

Since most people tend to post at the other D/L community on LJ I thought I'd jump on this right away. I hope both of them could be more active!

[community profile] trickstertaser [community profile] trickstertaser [community profile] trickstertaser
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If the Jane x Loki community can exist so can this one:

[ profile] trickstertaser.

Please start posting stuff right away. I don't want it to be too lonely.

EDIT: So apparently right after I started this community, someone else started a Darcy/Loki community too. LOL.

[ profile] darcy_loki

I just keep striking out in the Thor fandom, don't I?
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Well, I did it!

Please join the [ profile] who_contest community!

Now I have to figure out where to pimp it. I think I'll be PMing some places for a bit.

Join if interested! I'm running this just like [ profile] heroes_contest. :3
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God, sorry for the spam today, you guys.

New community!

[ profile] heroespiclove - A community for daily Heroes images, pic spams, and members' favorite Heroes pictures.

I miss seeing a daily heroes pictures on my f-list, so I thought I'd create a community to continue the love for Heroes.
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New community for Echo/Boyd:

[ profile] echo_boyd.

The pairing is HOT, and it needs more love. <3

New Community

Friday, 3 October 2008 09:37
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Please check out my new community dedicated to Heroes OT3s! Hope to see you there.

[ profile] heroes_ot3 [ profile] heroes_ot3 [ profile] heroes_ot3 [ profile] heroes_ot3

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