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Because the original post got too large, here are my Heroes and Inuyasha Fic Recs:

This entry will constantly be updated!

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Well, fandom-stocking reveals are in, and I feel like such a lucky duck at all the goodies I received. I must thank everyone who filled my stocking this year. I am thoroughly happy with the thought that went into the banners, icons and fics for me! People in fandom are pretty amazing and I'm grateful to be apart of it.

I received several little fics that I feel I need to share. I hope you get a chance to read them and enjoy them as I did.

Doctor Who, Missy/Clara drabble by sharpest_asp. I love this little ficlet with a passion! Missy/Clara are my guilty pleasure.

Doctor Who, Love and Kisses by [ profile] kiramaru7. River/Doctor is my OTP. Thank you!

Doctor Who, Passing Fancies - a River/Eight ficlet by muccamukk, OMG MY PAIRING. Loved this look at Eight and River crossing paths. Also, EIGHT!!!!!

Doctor Who, No, Miss Oswald, I Expect You to Die by JohnAmendAll, more delicious Clara/Missy. YOU SPOIL ME!

Doctor Who/Star Wars, Taking Relationship Advice from a Master by annariel, This was a HUGE surprise to me, mainly because I did not ask for Star Wars, and someone even went out of their way to notice that I ship Rey/Kylo Ren, and wrote a Missy instructing Kylo Ren about his attraction to Rey, which is GLORIOUS and CLEVER. And I just love this to bits. AHHHHHH! Perfection.

Agent Carter, A Married Man by [ profile] yetanothermask, Peggy/Jarvis goodness that I rarely see because he's married, but this is PERFECT, and I just love their chemistry on the show so them pining for each other just makes a lot of sense to me.

Thank you everyone!

-- Also, I did some of my own from Doctor Who, Twilight, Jessica Jones, Inuyasha, and Marvel fandoms.
I updated them at [ profile] paynesgrey_fics if you want to take a look.

All of this really cheered me up. I had sort of a bad day yesterday at work, so this really made up for it reading these stockings.


Saturday, 10 July 2010 07:37
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To whoever nominated and voted for me at the Eternal Destiny Awards, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

It was a nice surprise to get the notification in my email box.

You totally made my morning! And I have never won an award from here, so that was DOUBLE AWESOME. :D

Thanks again!


Tuesday, 6 July 2010 09:17
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The Eikyuu Kosai - Miroku & Sango Awards are looking for nominations. If you're in the Inuyasha fandom, I suggest you stop by ([ profile] mirsanawards) and make some nominations. I should be searching for mine this week, of course most of the stuff I've read has already been nominated, but that doesn't mean I can't look out for more. :)

Nominees are here.

Nominations must be posted here.

All nominations due July 14th.

And thanks for the nomination! I didn't realize I had anything eligible. :3


I also want to thank whoever nominated and voted for me over at the [ profile] syelleficawards which is really cool and a nice surprise. I've had the award for awhile but I just wanted to thank them publicly, as well as the mods who host the awards.




David's back today, but he isn't yet, so I'm enjoying a little lazy time before I have to start working on something and look like I'm busy, because I clearly am still doing downtime since we got most of our work done last Friday.

At least this week is only four days long! \o/

icon party time

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 13:53
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Multi-fandom icon post:

Inuyasha [49] Shiori, Sesshoumaru's mother, various others
Marilyn Monroe [10]
V (abc remake) [6] Erica/Hobbes, Lisa/Joshua
Doctor Who [6] Eleven, Jeff, misc.
Supernatural [3]
Misc. [1 ea.] Vampire Diaries, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge J-drama (Sunako), The Runaways movie, Human Target, Heroes (Elle), Dollhouse (Echo), Legend of the Seeker (Cara, Richard), Bill Maher, Being Human, Jonathon Toews


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Here @ [ profile] prism_perfect. Please join/watch!
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For those of you are have DA accounts and are fans of Sesshoumaru's mother, I revamped the club and submitted it as a group. FINALLY. So I'm trying to get it back in working order, checking out work submitted, and shouting out to the watchers that they need to reapply as members.

If anyone's interested in my Sessmom group at DA, here's the link:

Please join, submit, art and fanfiction are welcome.

drive-by thanks

Tuesday, 11 August 2009 10:17
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I just wanted to drop a line during my busy schedule to thank those who nominated and voted for me at the [ profile] mirsanawards, Eikyuu Kosai in the Inuyasha fandom for their July 2009 awards. It's fun to see one of my favorite canon IY pairings get its own little awards community that ran very well and the mods were absolutely awesome.

Here are the fics/art recognized:

For Twenty Seasons More, for Best Canon, First Place
For Twenty Seasons More, for Best Romance, First Place
Cold Spring, for Best Miroku Portrayal, Third Place
Dirty Love, for Best Oneshot, Second Place
Warrior Woman, for Best Sango Portrait, Third Place

Congratulations to all my fellow IY authors and f-listers that also placed.

Once again, thank you and much appreciated. <3
I'll add the banners to my awards post soon. They're really freaking awesome too. Thank you to [ profile] eggplantlady for her work on them. ^_^
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Yes, we don't need another one, which is why mine is SO laid back. Like, whoa, it'll surprise you.

I was talking to [ profile] psyco_chick32 yesterday about starting a challenge comm. A lot of authors in the IY fandom like challenge comms, but they also like to continue their fics and work on their serials, and I thought it'd be cool to have a community with themes, that reward authors for finishing a set word count each month and gives them a little motivation to finish fics, write missing scenes from other fics, or write sequels or prequels.

So I started [ profile] iy_bsides and made the challenges monthly.

You get four themes and a set word count you have to make, and then authors can post continuation fics or sequel fics as long as there is a source to another fic, it's accepted. At the end of each month, I'll make a post where authors can comment their tallied word count and just say they used the theme. (It's really about the honor system. You guys know me. I'm laid back about theme interpretation.)

So check it out, if you're interested. If you have IY comms, I'd love to affiliate with you. I'm going to work on pimping and community layout throughout the day.

Please join the [ profile] iy_bsides community!

Thank You!

Monday, 22 June 2009 08:39
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First off, congratulations to those on my f-list who are nominated at the [ profile] fa_awards. Good luck!

I also want to say thank you to those who took time to nominate some of my pieces for the June awards: [ profile] knittingknots for Memorial for Best Ficlet, InuyashaSesshoumaru/Pitabred for Save the Miko, Save the World for Best Group Depiction, instrugirl for For Twenty Seasons More for Best In-Character-Miroku, and [ profile] landofthekwt for Step Dad for Best Humorous.

Thank you so much. And thanks to [ profile] inuyashaloverr and [ profile] inugrrrl, and all the artists and screeners for all their hard work.

Fic Rec

Wednesday, 6 May 2009 11:45
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Even though I might need a tad bit of brain bleach, I did update my C2 today. For those of you that don't know, I have a C2 on for Inuyasha minor characters/pairings. Though, I tend to prefer more genfic but all is good.

Anyway, I found a fic there today that I wanted to share. It's genfic, so sorry shippers, but it has a really good interaction between Sesshoumaru and Kaede. THIS is the kind of stuff that needs to be highlighted for best characterization awards, for whichever group. Or at least, examples of it if you're not into that award group thing.

Silent Scribe is a constant favorite of mine. She hardly ever disappoints me. Okay, so I sorta fanpoodle her. I must have missed this one. I'm kinda a bad fanpoodle. It's hard to keep up, yo. ^^;

When September Ended by Silent Scribe
Kaede's life is coming to a close and Rin is feeling the impact; but what are the sentiments of ever impassive Sesshomaru? Kaede is just another human, right?

Anyway, I don't think she has an LJ. I fan-stalk her on DA, but I haven't been going to that place in awhile either.

So I'm going to eat lunch, maybe catch some Legend of the Seeker and read some Silent Scribe fic. I dunno if I'm going to have the inspiration to write today, and I have class tonight.

Boo. At least it's just a work in class day. u_u

New Fic Recs

Tuesday, 20 January 2009 16:04
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I updated my Fic Recs page recently.

First, I added two Heroes stories. One is "Oedipus" by [ profile] rtwofan, who does a great job showing the darker side of being in the Petrelli Family. Also, "Inevitable" by [ profile] thepandorarose, who has a great library of Angela Petrelli fic.

In the Inuyasha fandom, I read some works by [ profile] selinamac. If you're an Inu/Kag fan and don't mind AUs, I'd check out "Of Strings and Kevlar". Very addicting, and the characterizations for an AU are spot on. The Inuyasha fandom needs more fic like this.

My recs are here:

The inauguration kicked ass today! I watched it with my co-workers, which was kinda cool. They asked me if I wanted to watch it with them too. Who would have thought? :3
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I know I'm not much into the Inuyasha fandom lately, but I came across someone stealing not only my art, but lots of other artists. If you could spread this around to the original artists and report this person at DA, it would be much appreciated.

I see art from Fluffball, and a slew of other artists on there that I know she doesn't have permission of.

ALSO, DA SUCKS. It's so incredibly slow.

EDIT: Most of the art is down, thank goodness. Unfortunately the wanker hasn't been banned yet.
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Because of the DA wank going on lately, I've paid more attention to my Paper Demon account, even if the site itself doesn't get much traffic. It IS a good site, so I added some old and new artwork, everything from the No Biscuit comics, to stuff I took off of DA, to sketchbook and in progress works.

If you're an artist, fanartist, comic artist, doujinshi artist, I strongly recommend Paper Demon. It even has an adult section called Red Curtain which keeps out kiddies. The mods are really strict about this.

more on the dA wank )
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Inuyasha - Spoilers for chapters 557 & 558 [28]
Marvel - Kitty Pryde, Iron Man [3]
Superman Returns [2]
D.Gray Man - Miranda [2]
Sixteen Candles [2]
Misc.: Johnny Cash [1]


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[ profile] iy_wiltedrose - A Fanfiction Challenge Community dedicated to Kikyou, from Inuyasha.

If anyone on my flist is a Kikyou lover, it looks like this comm could use some active members. I'm actually very excited about this. It could help me finish up my [ profile] 30shards claim as well as get me back into a quiet fandom.

Also, I saw some preview clips for Heroes Season 3 with the actors and the plot bunnies are stirring. I can't wait for the new season. I suppose I better write my pre-Season 3 fics before they become AU on me. We'll see. :-)

I watched Iron Man again tonight. Maybe some fic soon? Possibly.

EDIT: Also, [ profile] inuyasha_lims is looking for some more sign ups. They seem pretty desperate. I know I don't have time to make icons and I signed up! So you can too. Hopefully... PLEASE??
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Multi-fandom icon post:

Heroes [20]
Avatar: The Last Airbender [8]
Inuyasha [6]
Marvel Comics [6]
Fables [6]
Random Snark [5]


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[Onward to the icons!]
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Per my thoughts yesterday...

[ profile] silverontherose has opened a challenge community for Inu/Kag at [ profile] firsttweak. Lovers of this pairing are most welcome.

Also, it would be awesome if anyone insterested in the comm could pimp it around LJ to other Inu/Kag lovers.

Share the love! And check out the new challenge. ^_^
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Here's a very short icon post. I might not have time to do much more after this, so I'm going to post these now.

Barack Obama [12] *if you do not agree with this candidate, please don't start a war in my icon journal. Thank you.
Heroes [11] (mostly Paire or snark)
Inuyasha [3]
Jem and the Holograms [2]
Misc. (Snark)(MXC) [2]


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Here @ [ profile] prism_perfect