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Finger Lickin' Good
by ~dref22 on deviantART

I don't know what my favorite part of this is, the drawing itself or the fact that the first comment is "Who is Colonel Sanders?"

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Alabama Man Sleeps With Gun, Shoots Himself

NORTHPORT, Ala. — A 24-year-old man likely will rethink his habit of sleeping with a gun after police said his 40-caliber pistol discharged and hit him in the shoulder on Wednesday. A police detective said the wound was not life threatening.

The shooting at his apartment complex was ruled an accident.


I immediatly thought of this.


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Okay, so maybe this is an inside joke between me, Joe and our friends who watch Beebo. But meh, I wanted to post something cool. Long story short, Beebo is this animated series on Newgrounds about this redneck guy who has a smoking cat with a mustache. They go on various adventures, usually to cause trouble either with a passive-agressive Satan, at Christopher Walken's sandwich shoppe, or lazy jamochans who invade their house. And of course, on adventures with John McCain...

If you're interested there's more of the episodes at Youtube. They're pretty crude art-wise, but also hilarious.

Behold when John McCain was cool...

Oh I almost forgot. This video is full of swearing, offensive things and definitely not work safe.

I'm also thinking about doing a reaction post to the debate tonight, kinda like what Missy does during Heroes. Only in this debate, there will be less squeeing (well unless Biden does something cool, like jazz hands) and more mocking.

It'll depend on how lazy I am.
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From [ profile] obama_2008: Mic left on, pundits talk about Palin. :D

Transcript )

OMG. This just made my afternoon. Spread it around, folks.

Now I want ice cream and to cuddle with Sen. Biden. Tee hee!

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