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It's coming up fast!

I'm offering art for the person who screencaps my 50K hits at Deviantart (just a drawble).

Here are the guidelines!

Good luck!
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Finger Lickin' Good
by ~dref22 on deviantART

I don't know what my favorite part of this is, the drawing itself or the fact that the first comment is "Who is Colonel Sanders?"

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For those of you are have DA accounts and are fans of Sesshoumaru's mother, I revamped the club and submitted it as a group. FINALLY. So I'm trying to get it back in working order, checking out work submitted, and shouting out to the watchers that they need to reapply as members.

If anyone's interested in my Sessmom group at DA, here's the link:

Please join, submit, art and fanfiction are welcome.
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I just spent part of the morning uploading old college illustration and drawing work to my original DA account.

Please stop on by and give me some hits if you have a moment:

Who knows? Maybe it'll inspire me to do some more original art soon.

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